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One of my favorite subjects to teach is Science: children love designing and conducting experiments. Recently, my class has been learning about levers, gears and pulleys. 212 more words

White water safety for kayakers

Imagine the following: You’re out there on an insane river. Everything is running perfectly until you reach a rapid where another group is running around frantically because one of their paddlers is stuck in a dangerous slit and there is no exit without external help. 1,307 more words

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Understand Right Ways to Know your Pulley Size

It has been mostly witnessed that one of the primary reasons for motor failure is improper pulley sizing in addition to and incorrect motor installed. These defects may lead to motor failure, overheating of motor and it may also result in fire or malfunctioning of the machine and subsequent damage to itself or the operators. 436 more words



Our next Simple Machines session was on Pulleys.

Key concept: A pulley is a wheel that you loop a rope over. The key point of pulleys is that they redirect force. 1,229 more words