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Hands On Simple Machines

In preparation for making their circus characters move, like Sandy Calder did, with simple machines, 2nd graders rotated through stations exploring how ramps, levers, wheel/axles and pulleys make work easier and have other benefits, such as changing the direction of motion in the case of pulleys. 260 more words


Multiple forces

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Activity: 31 more words


Pulleys - Simple Machines Activities for Kids

In our kids’ STEM class, during our first session on Simple Machines, we covered Inclined Planes and Pulleys.

Key concept (the Science of Simple Machines) 2,380 more words


Science - Levers, Pulleys and Gears

Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang was a childhood favourite of mine. I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I watched this film as a child, and I can still recite most of the words whilst watching it today. 226 more words


Taperlock vs Pilot Bore

Pulleys and couplings are avaliable in a wide range of sizes and configurations, but one of the biggest choices is whether to use the taperlock or pilot bore system to attach them to a shaft. 15 more words


Hello everyone,

One of my favorite subjects to teach is Science: children love designing and conducting experiments. Recently, my class has been learning about levers, gears and pulleys. 212 more words