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Machine Shops, Then and Now

Last weekend I had the opportunity to tour a working 19th century machine shop. The Hagley Museum and Library in Delaware features an incredible display of mechanical engineering, including a restored water turbine from 1890 that once again churns in the banks of the Brandywine River to silently power some incredible metal work machines (for historic demonstration purposes, at least). 161 more words

The Waste Book

Tensioner Dodge Caliber Fun

Replaced with the help of a neighbor 2 idler pulleys 6 days ago. Cause that’s what the mechanic ordered in. He didn’t know the difference between an idler and a tensioner. 412 more words

Home Life

Ramps and Pulleys!

Now we are getting into some of the slightly tougher, multi-step problems in Dynamics, and we are looking at the physics occurring in a simple pulley system or on a ramp. 77 more words

Physics 20

Building machines

As part of our science topic on forces today we built levers, pulleys, cams and gears.  We worked in pairs and at first we found it tricky however, we really enjoyed it and got to see the machines we have learning about in action! 6 more words


Pendant Light With Pulley

My sister hinted that she wanted me to make her a pendant light using a pulley she found. Actually it wasn’t a hint so much as a demand. 210 more words

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Rebel Treasure eighteenth post

(As described in the past and as it happens.)

LON (V.O.)
Like clockwork–

Romeo follows behind the regimental cook with an arm-load of firewood. 751 more words