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Dal Silane

The memory chip in my camera recently developed issues, it was a bit frustrating but I knew that surely I must have had a spare memory chip somewhere. 1,121 more words


To Byul or Not To Byul

The Byul doll in the family of Pullips is like Uncle Fester in the Addamms Family. She’s an important part of the group, but she never really knows where she fits in. 220 more words


Pullip veryBerryPOP

Today as another snowstorm strikes, I decided that what I needed to do was to focus on something really bright and colorful in effort to bring some cheer to an otherwise dreary day. 1,670 more words


Disney Pullip Cinderella Announced

Groove just announced the start of a new collaboration series with Disney via their blog tonight. Previously, Groove partnered with Disney in 2009 to release dolls based on different Disney properties such as Peter Pan (Pullip Peter Pan, Byul Tiger Lily, Taeyang Captain Hook & Dal Tinker Bell), Dumbo (Byul Dumbo) and Pinocchio (Dal Pinocchio) while I think Disney was a great choice for Groove to collaborate with, I always kind of questioned their choice of characters to turn into dolls personally I think dolls based off of the various Disney princesses would have been more popular and sold better… 414 more words


Rose of Versailles Pullip Collaboration Series, Again?

In a surprising move today Groove just announced that they would be re-releasing the Rose of Versailles collaboration series of dolls via their blog. The dolls are being re-released in honor of the 45th anniversary of the debut of the Rose of Versailles manga series, in addition to it being 45th anniversary of the debut of her most popular manga 2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of it’s creator Riyoko Ikeda. 228 more words


Overlooked, Underappreciated Pullip Taffy

Pullip Taffy can’t catch a break. Not only did she have the misfortune of going head-to-head with Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World in her release date, she also has a hat that resembles a tortilla shell. 119 more words


Preorders Open Pullip Optical Alice, Dal Dana & Isul Caros via Pullipstyle

I just wanted to drop a quick note here that Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for the following dolls on their website: Pullip Optical Alice, Dal Dana & Isul Caros. 90 more words