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Studio Portrait Friday, July 24th Edition

Yesterday got very busy and, still working through computer issues, this week’s studio photos got delayed. I have a ton of them to share though! Above you can see a bunch of new kokeshi getting sealed up, almost in rainbow order too. 723 more words


JPGroove rare/older doll sale ending tomorrow

Earlier today, JPGroove made an announcement about the rare/older doll sale via their facebook page.
The rare choice page will be closed after tomorrow so if there is someone you want from the sale I recommend you do not wait and you get order in now! 86 more words



I know I should be happy.

I should be, like, dancing with glee.

And maybe I will be, when the irritation wears off.

It’s just, okay, I went back to Groove’s shop just now, curious to see what was left of the rare dolls from yesterday morning.   273 more words


Dolly blog-blocked! :(

My laptop is broken!  Worse still, it’ll be Thursday before they even start looking to see what’s wrong, let alone if they cam fix it!   That means I can’t post any more pictures! 339 more words


Some photos, dolly dieting, and a Mail Roll Call

Bryn – “Obviously, I wear this hat best. I think you two should go change.”

Summer doesn’t get enough face time.

I use a spending tracker app on my iphone – something I don’t recommend if numbers and money bums you out. 410 more words


New Dolly Furniture

Well, “new” may not be the right term, considering I got it at an antique mall. :P  I don’t think it’s actually all that old, either, though.   549 more words

New Doll

Dal's Fashion Show

Having learned that Dal can wear Monster High clothes, I decided it was time for my Dal Tinkerbell to upgrade her wardrobe! :D

She had long ago ditched her Tinkerbell outfit, since it’s ludicrous for Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to be the same size.   1,111 more words