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Custom Pullip by Eniva Queen

I rarely have guilt over dolls, but this was one custom where I broke one of my rules. I had seen Eniva Queen’s work on… 90 more words



A very cute little stop motion video featuring a few Pullip dolls discussing happiness. It’s in Russian, unfortunately without subtitles (I’m studying Russian, so it’s a fun way to practice!), but if you like Pullip it will be fun to watch anyways :)


Premium Pullip Veritas

Here is one lady I was eagerly anticipating! The jury is still out on these “Premium” Pullips, but Veritas is truly a dream. The red color of her outfit is incredible, and everything from her stock (except those boots) to her glorious wig are very well done.


Premium Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome

Premium. Such an interesting word, right? It gives you the impression that something is better or more sought after. Well, Groove didn’t need to use the word premium to describe Romantic Alice Monochrome, because she’s pretty spectacular already. 56 more words


JPGroove Labor Day & Other Pullip News!

JPGroove is having a Labor Day sale, they sent out a coupon code earlier this morning via email good for 15% off any purchase with code LBDS2016 that is good from midnight tonight PST until midnight the next day. 238 more words



I am kind of in love with my new bought dolly – Baron <3 In a way he looks kind of sad but in a very sweet way ^_^ Along with the no-time-no-show Mini Cactuar in arms that makes him looks extra cute -^^- Behind him is one of the famous rocks in Hong Kong calls Song Wong Toi. 36 more words


Pullip: Baron at To Kwa Wan

當然得把握機會帶著娃娃外出拍照去 \(^0^)/

第一次帶著男娃的確令我有點緊張 -^^-
雖然感覺有點熱但真的很可愛耶 <3
同場更加影超久沒露面的迷你仙人掌 (Mini Cactuar),
總算沒有浪費良好天氣的一天呢 ^_^


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