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Pullip Releases Delayed :(

Groove just announced via their blog that the release of this month’s Pullip releases have been delayed in Japan. The releases of Pullip Optical Alice, Isul Caros & Dal Dana have all been postponed Groove has said that they will update regarding the new release date. 44 more words


Upcoming Groove Touken Ranbu Collaboration Series!

Groove made an announcement via their blog this morning about a very exciting upcoming collaboration series with Touken Ranbu (Wild Dance of Swords) which is an insanely popular card based online game in Japan. 158 more words


Mocha MIO (Make It Own) Kits now in stock @Pullipstyle

Just a quick update today, I keep forgetting to mention this here but Pullipstyle has received a restock of the mocha MIO or Make It Own kits. 203 more words


Creator's Label Dal Quince

The first post of the New Year here will be focusing on Pullip Lupinus’ counterpart and one of the few Dals to be released as a part of the Creator’s Label line Dal Quince. 1,558 more words


Creator's Label Pullip Lupinus

The Creator’s Label series features dolls that showcase the talents of different doll customizers from around the world, Groove collaborates with them to release a doll based on their designs. 1,599 more words


DIY wedding gown for #MomokoDoll w/ free pattern @ ChellyWood.com #人形 #お人形 #ドール

Isn’t that dress elegant and amazing? When I look at it in real life, I sometimes can’t believe I designed that gorgeous thing! And now the patterns and tutorial for making it are free, right here on ChellyWood.com: 456 more words

Whole Costumes For Dolls

Dolly photoshoot

Remember the Tagaytay trip?

I brought two of my girls with me!~

One is Nari, my Pullip Cinciallegra. I recently let go of her braids and her hair is wavy and wild like Tiphona’s and R.Alice (blue) and with her stock, she really looks like a Victorian doll with a hint of the traditional… 167 more words