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Falling in Love Again - Aurelia

I have waves of love for my girls. Sometimes I am bemused and stare at them on my shelf thinking I might have a little-person problem, and I really should downsize! 431 more words


Wig haul from Tita Doremi

My 3 wigs from Ebay have arrived. I purchased them from Tita Doremi which have a wide selection of wigs (both doll and human) and clothes. 614 more words


Namu Kung Fu Fei

I was not impressed by the first picture I ever saw of Namu.  In fact, I thought he looked like a knock-off.  But then I learned that he was a genuine doll of the Pullip line, and was, in fact, Pullip’s first boyfriend.   714 more words


KiraKiraMeansSparkle Eye Chip Haul / Review

Well well… I decided to get more eye chips from Shannon before her shop closes down ^^;

I wanted to diversify the colors that I currently have, so I ordered some greens, browns, and dark blues. 343 more words


My Yeolume Podo!

Meet another addition to my doll collection – a Yeolume Podo! It took about one full day for me to realize that Yeolume is Korean for “summer.” “Podo” means grape ^^. 198 more words


The Wonderful and Horribly Enabling People of the Doll Kingdom

It’s been a busy weekend in Les Jeunette land, because I married my enabling ex-Fiance, now Husband on Saturday. Let it be said that my obsession with “weird Japanese Dolls” was only mentioned 3 times in the wedding speeches, but I digress. 315 more words


Various Pullipstyle Updates (Preorders open Steampunk Alice/Sailor Uranus & new campaign)

Pullipstyle Updates

Pullip Alice in Steampunk World is now up for preorder on Pullipstyle’s site here.  She is priced at $140 and she is expected to be in stock towards the end of July. 221 more words