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One miserably roughed up ghost, rising from the ashes once more

Sometimes you fool yourself. You believe that you are invincible. You know that bad things happen to good people. You know that they have even happened to you. 458 more words


Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Day 15 & Day 16

On day 15, I walked up a level and managed to walk a bit. I must say it is way to fast for me and I cannot keep up the rhythm. 147 more words


Tenecteplase for pulmonary embolism

Tenecteplase (TNK) for Pulmonary Embolism

Since reteplase (rPA) has not been available for several years, alteplase (tPA) has been the go to choice for massive and submassive PE. 404 more words


How good are arterial blood gases in ruling out pulmonary embolism (PE)?

Not as good as one would hope.  In an often quoted study involving 768 patients with suspected PE who underwent angiography, a combination of normal A-a gradient (<20 mm Hg ), normal PaO2 (>80 mm Hg), and normal PaCO2 (>35 mm Hg) was examined to help exclude PE (1).   72 more words

Arterial Blood Gases

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Day 12

As I succeeded in finishing the level 1 walk, I started walking Level 2 and that took all my energy even though I just walked for a few minutes because it was much too fast for me. 177 more words


Aftermath of ... it all !

I came back from the hospital where I do the Pulmonary physiotherapy. I was very tired. We finish late and we do not have lunch so it has to be a late lunch. 233 more words


Sitting Can Be Dangerous For Your Health

It is the time of the year that I start thinking about vacations. One of the first things I plan for is not my wardrobe, but my compression stockings. 610 more words

Compression Stockings