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Totally Tubular

It was December 4th, 2016. I had just settled into depression from a major manic episode. I was struggling with a recent surgery, weight gain, and managing my children and homework while hobbling around on crutches. 834 more words


Anxiety as a Clinical Finding

It’s 0200. Your shift is dragging on, and all you want to do is go home. You and your partner get called for a complaint of difficulty breathing in an apartment complex. 1,386 more words

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The Road Back to Good Health

When I was younger, I used to climb trees, roller skate or bike ride, race the boys in the neighborhood, and play high intensity outdoor games that left me excited and out of breath as I returned home for dinner in the evenings. 351 more words


Canadian Health&Care Mall: RV Resuscitation of Pulmonary Embolism in the Critically III

When PE impairs RV function, further possible consequences include low cardiac output and shock and myocardial ischemia due to poor coronary perfusion pressure and diastolic overdistension. 510 more words


EKG Case Study #14: Mid-70s Male C/O Acute Weakness and Diarrhea

You and your partner work for an urban ALS system. At approximately 2300, you are dispatched to a choking with an unresponsive party. As you arrive on scene, a BLS engine crew member alerts you to the fact that they have a mid-70s male in full cardiorespiratory arrest just outside of a downstairs bathroom. 616 more words

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Unexpected Gains of Losing Control

It didn’t even come close to being the most challenging hike we’ve taken. The woods in southwestern hills, five-minutes from city center, are so familiar they seem like an expansive back yard. 2,267 more words

My patient with chronic alcoholism is showing signs of alcohol withdrawal even though his blood alcohol level (BAL) is still elevated. Is this possible?

Absolutely! For patients with chronic alcohol dependence, any acute decline in their BAL may precipitate withdrawal (1). For example, if a patient typically drinks enough alcohol on a daily basis to sustain a BAL of 350 mg/dl, any significant drop in BAL (e.g. 105 more words