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Unexpected Gains of Losing Control

It didn’t even come close to being the most challenging hike we’ve taken. The woods in southwestern hills, five-minutesĀ from city center, are so familiar they seem like an expansive back yard. 2,267 more words

My patient with chronic alcoholism is showing signs of alcohol withdrawal even though his blood alcohol level (BAL) is still elevated. Is this possible?

Absolutely! For patients with chronic alcohol dependence, any acute decline in their BAL may precipitate withdrawal (1). For example, if a patient typically drinks enough alcohol on a daily basis to sustain a BAL of 350 mg/dl, any significant drop in BAL (e.g. 105 more words

The Hospital

I left for the hospital straight away. The walk to the doctors was about a mile and it was exhausting. I was seen straight away, my heart was still beating fast from the walk and I was out of breath, at least the doctor could see how bad it was. 1,308 more words

The Road to Diagnosis

I am writing a blog to help me come to terms with my diagnosis. The last 8 months since becoming ill have been very difficult for me and I feel that writing about my experiences may help me. 707 more words

Mountains out of molehills and vice versa.

“I had better get back to breakfast. Got meds to give out afterwards. I will see you later Dr. Holmes. Thank you again for your advice.” 550 more words