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When I first saw my mom, she was covered in pink dye. It was smeared over her cheeks. Her neck. Her arms. Her belly. She even had a little in her white, curly hair. 651 more words


Why Taking Contraceptive Pill Is Not The Best Birth Control Method?

Over the years, contraceptive pills have become a popular choice for birth control. A majority of women take these pills unaware of their possible side effects. 233 more words


Does D-dimer rule out PE? YES, but...

Written by Zach Adams, OSU EM resident // Edited by Michael Barrie EM Assistant Professor.

Bottom line: D-dimer reliably excludes PE in low/moderate risk patients, however use clinical history/exam to guide pursuing advanced imaging.

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The 8th & 9th; It doesn't hurt every time I breathe.

The 8th of September.

Daddy agreed to kitten fostering last night, so this morning I texted Jackie and we got on with sorting out the back bedroom so it’s safe for them to live there. 393 more words


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I know not everyone here knew me from I Am NOT Just A Fat Girl.  It was the blog I did before this one.  It was centered just around my weight issues, as this one I like because it’s all about me.   2,073 more words

Does watching TV kill you or just an indicator for a sedentary life?

QPR fans don’t even get to jump up and celebrate often

People who spend more than 5 hours a day watching television appear to be at an increased risk of suffering fatal pulmonary embolism…

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Can syncope be related to pulmonary embolism (PE) in the absence of hemodynamic instability or right ventricular failure?

Although we often think of syncope caused by PE in the setting of right ventricular failure and shock, less serious PE can also cause syncope by triggering a vaso-vagal reflex as supported by several case reports (1). 146 more words

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