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It's Friday; here's a lazy post of some old sci-fi book covers

I went to the bookstore this afternoon, looking to maybe find something I hadn’t read by my favorite author Garth Marenghi, or at least to pick up something from the so-called… 602 more words


It was early March when the great Sir Jeffrey Archer stopped by IIT Bombay for a visit during a book tour for his latest novel. He was being interviewed by the institute’s media body.

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Chip Kelly or the Eagles? Whose future is brighter?

There’s a stark difference between the prelude of the 2016 Eagles training camp and precursor of the 2015 camp. This year, it is a calm and settled feeling with new head coach, Doug Pederson. 655 more words

Philadelphia Eagles

Former Eagles player and NFL head coach offers advice for Doug Pederson

Herm Edwards spent nine seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. He also served as a head coach with the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. 247 more words

Philadelphia Eagles

Could Jeffrey Lurie be too involved in Eagles front office?

The Philadelphia Eagles have been under Jeffery Lurie’s ownership since 1994. The franchise has sustained notable success with Lurie as an owner. The team has won 172 games, while losing 157 games, and finishing with two ties, from 1994 to 2015. 489 more words

Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles coach to player communication will flow more under Doug Pederson

Doug Pederson and his coaching staff have already begun to establish a relationship that is a far cry from the former regime. Chip Kelly managed the players with a much different style than Pederson. 441 more words

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Alternate Reality Pulp Fiction

One of the completely fictitious tropes I like to explore is the idea of the multiverse. Essentially, it means that there is an infinite number of alternate universes where possibility is played out. 156 more words