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This is some stock photo bullshit. I am too lazy to put up my own photo, so deal with it.

I haven’t written a blog in a really long time, as I’m usually posting on Facebook.  This will be my first blog post in years, and plan to use for my needed venting. 27 more words

Artist Los Angeles

secret agent man


Inside The Bird Cage Saloon

chapter XVII


GUN 2013

the secret agent short novel

by Rawclyde !

     The double doors are a rattling in the big birdcage above our heads.  656 more words

Moonlight & Stars

Welcome Frank Whaley!

Frank has had memorable roles throughout his career on film and television. Most recently on Netflix’s Luke Cage and Showtime’s Ray Donovan. He’s also been in Pulp Fiction, The Doors, and Vacancy. Welcome to Emergence, Frank!!

New Client

Briefcases, Gold Watches and Miracles: Pulp Fiction

The epitome of cool, the film in Tarantino’s arsenal that solidified his cult status, borrowing heavily from the aesthetic of Jean-Luc Godard, Band of Outsiders being the key influence, and shaping forth his most well-rounded feature. 719 more words


Pursuit (#2BitTues)

The caption on the corpse read: “Life Love & happiness” He shouldered his SIG. This guy’s pursuit was over but his was just begun #2BitTues