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Counting Flowers on the Wall

If someone told me Pulp Fiction was 23 years old, I’d stamp on their impudent feet, knee them in their stupid lying face, then kick them in their Judas nuts. 432 more words


Iconic Movie Quotes

By Allison Johnson
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Yes, another blog post that relates to entertainment. You do not have to know me well to know that movies are a major course of the roadmap to my heart. 766 more words

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Lucienne Camille on the cover of 'Jassy Vane'

Lucienne Camille (1940–2006) born Sylvia Bayo; on British TV and movies 1970-1982.


Today's Pulp Purchase: The Case of the Sun Bather's Diary

Pretty dark for sunbathing, isn’t it? Lost in the 1950’s collage-style forest, nude but for a red book (Jungian reference). Great Cardinal logo, too.

I wish they hadn’t kneecapped her with the byline.

What Is It Now??

Today's Pulp Purchase: Slab Happy

Sample simile: “He had a size 20 neck, fists like large beef roasts, and arms like legs.” 

Shell Scott, L.A. P.I., sure gets beat up a lot, acts like an haplessly oversexed Bichon Frise around beautiful Hollywood Starlets and engages in some Spillane-Level messy violence, but he’s a delightful cut-up: 80 more words

What Is It Now??

Today's Pulp Purchase: Stranger in Town

Not a TERRIBLE Mike Shayne Mystery, although, spoiler, evil abortionists.

Mike Shayne, Miami P.I., has red hair and is therefore short-tempered, and he drinks cognac… 70 more words

What Is It Now??

Today's Pulp Purchase: The Case of the Daring Decoy

Two highball glasses? This is what happens when you fall down the 12 steps.

What Is It Now??