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Justice, Inc. by Michael Ulsan

Genre: Superhero Comics

Series: Justice, Inc.

Publisher: Dynamite (June 16, 2015)

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

This one is a pulp fiction lovers fantasy, starring Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Avenger. 690 more words

Graphic Novels

Quote of the Week #26

Yolanda: This place? A coffee shop?

Pumpkin: Why not? Nobody ever robs restaurants. Bars, liquor stores, gas stations… you get your head blown off sticking up one of them. 40 more words

Expansion Packs

From The Choir Derp Hotel

In high school I was part of an elite group of acapella singers.   0_o  That’s right!  Danger, Will Robinson! I’m being a bit too modest: we… 322 more words

Behind The Music

Fashion Spotlight: All Your Worlds Are Belong To Me, Because Aliens!, and Some Serious Gourmet

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. All Your Worlds Are Belong To Me, Because Aliens!, and Some Serious Gourmet from adho1982, ScottNeilsonConcepts, and TedDastickJr… 74 more words


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Let’s face facts, the classics never die, but they also never really improve to awesome. There’s only so many times you play 6 hours of Monopoly only to land on someone’s Boardwalk with like fifty hotels as they smirk and go “uh oh, I don’t think you’ll have enough” and all you want to do is punch them in their stupid face but you can’t because it’s your nephew and he’s like 5, which stings even more. 2,155 more words


Design Taxi reimagined well known movies and TV shows and created these hipster logos:

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