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Mock up of a graffiti showing hitman and a girl.

The graffiti depicts devil karma, or bad karma. So, the hitman meets his bad karma, the girl, who destroys him!


Sydney Weekend Feb 27 - Mar 1

What’s going down in Sydney this weekend?

Craft Beer Rolling Saturday Feb 28th, Paddo Bowls, Paddington

Celebrate this year’s annual craft beer day with beer, bowls and the grass between your toes at this event put on by Darlinghurt’s The Local Tap House. 198 more words


Alcohol may be more dangerous than drugs, but we glamorise them just the same

I have only watched Pulp Fiction once, and I probably won’t watch it again. There is one scene that has etched itself into my memory and has put me off the film completely – Uma Therman’s drug overdose. 279 more words


Free Exhibition: Pulp Confidential

In terms of rotating free exhibitions, the NSW State Library does pretty well. The exhibitions are usually interesting in nature with a well curated and diverse collection. 251 more words


John Travolta: So Now He is Not Allegedly Gay?

Poor old John Travolta, the actor has been plagued with accusations of being a closet gay for years and now, he is being slammed for getting too “ 53 more words


8 Movies with Awesome Soundtracks

With The Oscars celebrating the biggest night for film this past Sunday night I wanted to include a post that listed some movies with exceptional soundtracks. 700 more words


"Dead City" by Joe Mckinney (Review)

Bram Stoker Award winner, Joe McKinney, has received mixed reviews for this one. While most reviews are good, many say things like, “A decent action novel, but nothing more,” and others suggest it has a “video game feel.” I think the negative comments aimed at the novel come, in large part, from inappropriate expectations. 437 more words