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Jeffrey Lurie's increased involvement with Eagles raises questions

Ever since the Chip Kelly debacle, Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has felt the need to get more hands-on with his team.

According to league sources in a… 368 more words

Philadelphia Eagles

Today's Pulp Purchase: The Beach House

“A reckless blonde in a wide-open town.” She looks more anesthetized, or petrified, than reckless. I prefer the totally different, smirky reckless blonde with the weird right arm on the back of the book. 10 more words

What Is It Now??

Can We Please Stop Pretending That 'Pulp Fiction' Is A Masterpiece? [Podcast]

CW: rape

The movie: Pulp Fiction

What we’ll be talking about:

  • our relationships with Pulp Fiction
  • how IMDb shapes how we watch movies
  • whether or not Quentin Tarantino deserves his legacy…
  • 224 more words

My favourite movies of all time

These are my favourite ten movies. Feel free to contact me and inform me about other movies you think should be on the list. Make sure you watch these amazing movies. 40 more words


Today's Pulp Purchase: Dolls are Deadly

Ain’t it the truth?

Wait- LOOK OUT MIKE! Is that a VOODOO PIN STICKING OUT OF A LEMON MERINGUE PIE way down at the bottom, cut off by the cover crop? 6 more words

The Sometimes Too Graphic Art Of Nitro Von Borax

Appendix N

My love of fantasy didn’t start with the venerable pipe smoking Hobbit so loved by many. No, my love was forged in the dankest dungeons. Tested by hideous beasts and malevolent creatures; Mind Flayers, Beholders, and Displacer Beasts. 268 more words

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