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Black and White Wonder - Illustrations from Inside the Pulps

Science Fiction pulp covers are amazing and you can get collections of them everywhere. Internal illustrations are the b-sides of history, often forgotten. Not here. This collection of images comes from… 123 more words


The Tough Sword-Fighting Space Dame

I’ve given Disney a lot of shit for their “Hurr durr, we’re finally getting a woman with a light-saber” marketing, because ass-kicking women with swords and light-sabers are kind of Otis Adelbert Kline’s thing… 1,001 more words


From Heroes Fighting Communist Space Dictators to Post-Capitalist Utopias

Well before the Cold War, even many years before World War II, speculative fiction writers saw and forewarned of the dangers of Communism. In Burroughs’ Tarzan series, Tarzan himself goes up against communist agents and assassins sent by Stalin on a number of occasions! 1,000 more words


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The Weird Tales of Rick Saturn, Formerly the Bionic Knight: Green Flame Cookbook

The world of comics has become a world of reboots for the super heroes as publishers’ experiment with legacies not getting to long in the tooth. 642 more words

Bionic Knight

The Weird Tales of Rick Saturn, Formerly the Bionic Knight: Chimmering Chimeras

Chimeras—mythical hybrid creatures’ ala Centaurs, Minotaurs, Nephilim, that where two species become one. Some would call it false flags, a word for something that does not exist. 688 more words

Bionic Knight

Sex and Modern Horror

During my review of Laird Barron’s anthology of horror stories, Occultation, it was very hard not to go on a rant. Luckily I managed to keep things under control and told myself that I could rant all I want in a separate post. 563 more words