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Giant Robots are GO!

As of one o’clock this morning I finished the draft of Giant Robots of Tunguska, bringing it home at 53,839 words. I created the Scrivener document on the evening of February 20th, and finished it in the early morning of May 25th– so it took me three months and five days to write making it my fastest ever novel. 26 more words

Doc Vandal

Something Solid

From The High Window by Raymond Chandler.  Marlowe is in a drugstore.

I got down off the stool and walked to the door in a silence that was as loud as a ton of coal going down a chute.  

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Air Pirates are GO!

It’s launch day. Air Pirates of Krakatoa is now live in the Kindle store. It’s been a long slog, over two years since I finished the first draft, but it’s available now. 55 more words

Doc Vandal

About Writing Pulps

In the old days, pulp writers were incredibly prolific, often pumping out a pulp novel of anywhere from forty to sixty thousand words in a week. 253 more words


What Were the Pulps?

When you think about it, the entertainment scene was very different during the 1930’s. No television, No Internet, no portable media players. In a world like that it’s not surprising that people turned to reading, and the pulps were there to catch their attention. 212 more words

Doc Vandal


While trying to channel the great Lester Dent (who, under the pen name Kenneth Robeson, wrote most of the Doc Savage stories), we have pushed our hero through a good deal of, what looks like, a novella-length first adventure. 204 more words


Hard SF Nudniks Have Always Existed

Now, this is NOT to say that all Hard SF fans are nudniks, but here’s some concrete evidence that there HAVE been nudniks demanding science purity in science fiction. 20 more words