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Bryan Hitch on Batman

Comicbook characters such as Batman are part of contemporary iconography – a modern mythology on which we project  values, beliefs & ideologies in the forms of hopes & fears. 456 more words

Media Principles

Font Features

Everyone has a tendency to take eye-pleasing and appealing fonts for granted until you need them. And while Calibri, Arial, Courier and Times New Roman may hack it for every day stuff, sometimes you need a little bit more. 163 more words


1947 Sci-Fi Fandom Debate Rages on Depiction of Women in Science Fiction!

What was the Greatest Generation saying about science fiction in mid 1947?  Well, for one thing, they were loving Ray Bradbury and applauding Rocket Summer.  There was a debate going on as to whether the ladies on sci-fi covers were smoking hot or not smoking hot enough, but lots of people seemed pleased that Allen Anderson was drawing them.   405 more words


Surreal Thursday: Shadows' Speakeasy of Death

With the Case of The Seven League Chimney Flue now at our backs, Professor Pi and I turned our pensive steps to home. It had been a demanding case, both as an intellectual puzzle and as an emotional calliope. 572 more words


Short Reviews - Mo-Sanshon!, by Bryce Walton

Mo-Sanshon! by Bryce Walton appears in the Summer 1947 issue of Planet Stories.  A facsimile copy can be found and read for free here. 954 more words


Alex Schomburg Cover Art for Fantastic Universe and Amazing Stories (1953/1964)

Planet of the Apes (1968) fans may find these Alex Schomburg illustrations interesting. One of the most unforgettable images in cinema had been employed in various media since the early 1900s. 45 more words



LESBIAN PULPS  – A series dedicated to pulps, see links below and follow them to those pages. Lesbian theme paperback/ pulp books were mostly written by straight men for themselves. 247 more words