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John Buchan - Perhaps Another Link In the British Intelligence Grooming of A Young L. Ron Hubbard

Image – a symbol of one of many intelligence front groups of British intelligence during WWII.

During World War II one British apologist named Clark Eichelberger worked directly with another British apologist named William Allen White – both of whom were part of what Porter Sargent dubbed… 4,645 more words

Historical Research

Not That Damn Movie! - Books

When people ask my husband what he enjoys reading, he says – pulp fiction. This generates a puzzled look from the inquirer and a response that always revolves around the 1994 movie… 692 more words


Edmond Hamilton - Fugitive of the Stars (1965)

Vintage Science Fiction
TBR #.5
Date Finished: January 2, 2018

A Federation pilot, Jim Horne, is framed for the crash of his freighter by the new second pilot, an alien from a planet torn by factions both for and against Federation membership. 455 more words


Review of "Danger" by Fletcher Pratt

The unnamed narrator of this piece is an artist accompanying a scientific expedition to the South Pacific. The aged Professor Hertford is the expedition leader. The team includes Burgess, an entomologist; Howard, an ichthyologist; Greaves, a botanist; among others. 259 more words


Comic Book Plus - Free And Legal Public Domain Books

When you absolutely, positively need comic books and pulp magazines from decades ago.

Seriously… how amazing is it that these things are all online and available for research or just plain fun! 10 more words


Review of "Vengeance in Her Bones" by Malcolm Routh Jameson

Retired Captain Tolliver was enjoying some sun when his dour housekeeper shows in a messenger from the recruiting office. Captain Tolliver has only one leg and one hand. 424 more words


AIDA-Magazine Covers 2 – What do they have in common ?

More magazine covers to evaluate in terms of AIDA & Mass Media Principles.

Media Literacy