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Who was Albert de Pina?

My new year’s resolution is to answer that question by the end of 2016.  Over a couple of years in the mid-40s, de Pina wrote 8 stories for Planet, including two collaborations with the prolific… 369 more words


Weird Tales 1932 Masthead Shirt

Speaking of Two-Gun Bob, this is based on the logotype for Weird Tales, as seen on the December 1932 cover, the first published appearance of Robert E. 51 more words


Supplement to Quick Musings on the Depiction of Women in Science Fiction

Planet Stories’ publisher, Fiction House, also put out a sister line of science fiction comics called Planet Comics.  A lot of these covers show the kind of women who filled the pages of sci-fi in the olden days… 119 more words


Divas, Dames, & Daredevils

A fun book hit my reading table recently, courtesy of my local public library, Divas, Dames, & Daredevils: Lost Heroines of Golden Age Comics. Written by Mike Madrid, the book is a collection of stories about heroines from the dawn of comics and includes a good deal of history about the characters and the industry. 684 more words


Weird Tales Logotype (Feb. 1928)

Chose this date because that’s the issue that The Call of Cthulhu ran in. I may do the version from the first Conan story later. The canonical background color is bright red. 29 more words


Quick Musings on the Depiction of Women in Science Fiction

Just some brief brainstorming as I work on my write-up for Ross Rocklynne’s “The Bubble Dwellers”…

The depiction of women in “classic” science fiction film is radically different from the depiction of women in the pulps.   209 more words


Short Reviews - The Sword of Johnny Damokles, Hugh Frazier Parker

The Sword of Johnny Damokles originally appeared in the March 1943 issue of Planet Stories.  The version reviewed was the reprint featured in the Fall 1953 issue of Tops in Science Fiction. 215 more words

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