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Detectives Who, How & Why

I responded to Calmgrove’s post, “Locked Room Cozy is a Page-turner” , making an observation on the nature of the whodunnit. This is pure speculation, but if we keep in mind that all forms of Mass Media contain values, beliefs and ideologies,  one can see how male biasesand values could shape the characteristics of mystery stories and the development of the literary detective.  398 more words

Media Literacy

Serunya Kuliah Lapangan Ala #siAPP Jalan-Jalan

Sebagai seorang yang memiliki latar pendidikan yang jauh dari bidang teknik dan industri, betapa bahagia ketika mendapat ajakan dari seorang kawan yang saya anggap senior di bidang jurnalisme untuk jalan-jalan rasa ‘kuliah lapangan’ di kawasan industri hijau. 1,078 more words


When Your Name Is An Adjective That Looks Like An Adverb

Today’s beholder of a funny name is testerosterone-filled trabadour Manly Wade Wellman. Technically, a troubadour is a composer or poet, while Wellman was an author of sci-fi and fantasy, but writing is writing, no? 587 more words


A Cent A Story! The Best From Ten Detective Aces

There’s a reason that Black Mask is/was the premier pulp mystery magazine for so long. It had the best. In the introduction to A Cent A Story! 220 more words


Crimefighters and Typos

In my previous post I talked about the game Crimefighters, published in Dragon Magazine #47. The time demands for getting it published resulted in some entertaining typos. 41 more words



“Dark Night Dan settled into the recess of the window, knowing there was not long to wait. If his informer was right, the enemy saboteur would try to destroy the secret war material tonight.

1,232 more words

Why I will Never Get Caught Up

If I never bought another book, never checked out another thing from the library, never downloaded another e-book from Project Gutenberg, I’d still have enough reading material to keep me busy for a long time. 130 more words