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Yam Moong beans /Chena Cherupayar Curry

This is a vegetarian curry with elephant yam and moong beans. We usually make stir fry or erissery with yam. This is also a very tasty and healthy recipe from Kerala cuisine. 126 more words


Cheat's Chilli Non Carne with Nature's Heart Superfoods Raw Cacao

Chilli is such a classic but something I never really think to cook but I discovered I had a load of red kidney beans in the cupboard and I wanted to clear some space so decided make a spontaneous chilli with a little twist – half a teaspoon of raw cacao from Nature’s Heart Superfoods. 404 more words


The Visions of Hildegard and the Nibelunglied, 1151-1200AD

Within the Holy Roman Empire, numerous issues of the day attacked the peace of society, as the Investiture Controversy, faulty papal elections, the first three Lateran Councils, and the Second Crusade in 1144AD led to new concerns over the stability of the Church and the European world. 1,323 more words


The last night in the studio

A wistful yet inspired last night in the studio before it closes for good. This studio has been my dedicated workspace for the past 3,5 years (apart from the 1,5 years I spent in Germany), and I know its sound and acoustics so well – hence the wistfulness of leaving. 98 more words

Savage Smokey Veggie Chilli

Now, the vegetarian chilli has been around for many many years! But it’s such an easy dish to whip up and a great way to reduce waste in the kitchen, you can use up many leftover vegetables and pulses. 406 more words


Smokey Veggie Chilli Bowl

This week in the UK its National Vegetarian Week  and we are sharing tips and ideas to increase your fruit and veg intake as part of our… 510 more words


head so

freedom exist
in the exalted lungs
of youth , hands
cupped ready to throw
underminded of challenge
undermining the challenge
head south so awkwardly