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Tracking Down Tunes: Pump It Up

For this project, Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books and I have decided to expand our musical interests, while also recommending to each other some of our favorite songs! 1,128 more words


My Time at the Arcade These Days.

I spent my better teenage years… and twenties years… going to the arcade a few times a week. And I can mostly thank dancing games for that. 599 more words


[2011] Pump Note ~ Cerita Tentang Pump yang GAK LUCU- December 2011 Update!

The third, and the last note.

*original note beyond this point*


setelah sekian lama ga bkin note dikarenakan kesibukan saya, sekarang ada waktu luang saya bosen saya gaje akhirnya saya bkin note pump lagi.. 633 more words

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[2011] Another Pump Note! Special! - Update May 24th 2011!

Second note!

*Original note beyond this point*

Hey guys, dah ckup lama kita ga ktemu lagi, mumpungan saya ada topik baru untuk dibicarakan, okelah saya bkin note ini.. 2,022 more words

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[2010] Sejarah dan Cerita Nge-Pump

Haloo, kembali pada post bahasa Indonesia! Tiga post kedepan mau kugunain buat backup notes Facebook masa lampau yang terkesan alay (dan memang alay), tapi bner2 jadi bahan bagus buat dikenang. 1,649 more words

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Pump It Up!!!

so, as I posted recently, I have had no change in a month of conscious eating and exercise, needless to say I was more than a little disappointed. 81 more words

Pumping? THIS CLASS!

Pumping – legendary methodological procedure, in it, if you will, is the whole essence of bodybuilding. Describe the feeling of “Pumping” in words is not easy, but once you feel about “Pumping”, you immediately, without any prompting, you know: this is it! 1,971 more words