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Pump it Up 2017 Prime 2 LX Cabinet in action!

One of the most popular arcade games in the country, Pump it Up, is known to be played by majority of dance game enthusiasts from parts of the country. 328 more words


Exercising for de-stressing DAY 26/31 March SOL

Working out after a long day of teaching has become something that I look forward to. It really helps me forget about the stress for about an hour and have fun! 116 more words

Pump It Up

HIT, HIT, UP! March SOL DAY 15/31


“Grab your sticks!”

Uncertainty fills my mind as the instructor starts the music…

While writing this post, my endorphins are going a little nuts. I just did a very fun workout class through my new gym, Crunch! 232 more words


Walking in the air (DAY 13/31 March SOL)

Since yesterday was such a gorgeous day, my boyfriend and I went for a REALLY long walk around our neighborhood! We had good conversation for most of it, but then it settled into more observational talk about things we saw that were interesting. 514 more words

Pump It Up

Connor’s Artwork – Age 3

Connor brings home so much art from his preschool that I now have 2 dedicated wall spaces for his work!

A house and “E is for Elephant” from preschool (E, shapes) and a heart mosaic that reads “Love is the spirit of this congregation” from Sunday school. 265 more words


Sinuses slowing me down

It has been tough to get back into working out on a more daily basis, because I have been sick for two weeks now with a sinus infection!! 180 more words