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7 Strategies for Working out with a Job

1. Write it down 770 more words
Pump It Up

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It is the first Sun's Out, Guns Out day since I started the Distinct Days concept, SO I thought I would reblog my very first Pump it Up post! I still agree with these 7 strategies (I have to remind myself of them on occasion and with every new job, it can difficult to find the time). I hope you can find solace in them if you are struggling, and appreciate them if you already have a hold on your job and workout regime!

We are Living Post-DDR, but Rhythm Games are Still Alive

I just started playing Thumper. I live in a moderately-sized West Texas town. I’m not lacking for places to shop, places to eat, or entertainment venues, but if I want to play… 693 more words


10 Tips to Reducing Stress

Everyday, I try to live a stress-free life. Even though sometimes it can be hard, I try to make an effort to take time to myself. 1,073 more words


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Lots of people workout to relieve stress (endorphins definitely alter your mood!) But it is also very important to have other ways to calm your mind as well. Reading, walking outdoors, and a bath are a few of the great tips from Electic Kristal :)

Best Workouts for a Limited Space

We all know why it’s important to exercise.  So why don’t we do it?

Often, it’s inconvenient, expensive, and boring.

Really, really BORING.

What’s a budget conscious person to do if they want to be fit, but don’t want to be bored to tears? 1,004 more words

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I love the many varieties given by Mindflight for working out! They give options for at work, home, outdoors, and some very unique equipment. I definitely agree that if you get into too much of a routine with exercises, the motivation slows and you stop. Change it up with these cool ideas!