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Day Thirteen: 'If Shaking, It's Baking'

I really should thank Jit for all these wonderful phrases. They’re fantastic! This one particularly is my favourite because it kinda sums up most of the session at the gym this morning. 578 more words

Gym Days

Day Twelve: 'If It's Burning, It's Working'

It’s burning. Most certainly, it’s burning. Today, not only did I get up early to do my usual writing gubbins but I then hopped on the bike for the gym as promised. 527 more words

Gym Days

October 11 – Nucular Autocorrect

People complain about autocorrect, but that’s because they aren’t paying attention. It’s like people who follow GPS blindly. I find autocorrect fascinating. I like the written forms of communication, emailing and texting, and am not real big on chatting on the phone. 639 more words


The New? An ironically named project

My favourite thing about making rhythm games, apart from the music of course, is the graphics.

Game series like DJMAX and anything from KONAMI’s bemani series fueled my inspiration to become a game developer just so I could create such things…and now I often find myself making unofficial additions to these game series, though I never release the majority of them to the community – shhh. 219 more words

All Of It

Oh, Technology.

I was at the dentist early Friday afternoon, finally getting a permanent crown put on the tooth implant I received in 2014. (Funny how diabetes affects your spending choices.) My phone rang, it was daycare. 1,391 more words