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Which SM Network Should I Use?

Most experts say you should join every major social network. Why? Well, while one may dominate now, it may not last forever (i.e. Friendster, MySpace, Posterous).  113 more words

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Who, What, When, Where, Why … and … How?

The talents and technologies required to put together a good email blast may or may not be part of your education up until today. What most folks don’t consider when starting an email campaign is: 96 more words

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Optimize Your Social Media Reach!

All marketers know that a social media presence is becoming more and more crucial for any business to promote their brand and get a message out to its customers. 251 more words

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Don’t "Fall" Down!

OK, so your Summer ad and marketing campaigns have been locked and loaded and are ready for placement throughout the season. July is the month for planning your fall program! 104 more words

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How ‘Green’ is Your Future?

Many companies and organizations today are working Ecology into their offerings. “Green” is hot – people who are ecologically conscious will purchase a ‘green’ product, attend a ‘green’ event, or be more willing to work with a ‘green’ organization over other options. 280 more words

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New Options in Facebook!

It’s been well over a year since Facebook rolled out Timeline in February 2012 and therehave been quite a few updates to the rules since then. 141 more words

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White Space - Part 4 (last)

What other reasons are there for using white space?

The correct use of white space also gives off an elegant, professional appearance. Think

about it. Do notice that high-end, expensive products use massive amounts of white space? 171 more words

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