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Pump Planet!

Hey guys! Alyssa here. Anyways, Pumpchkin (highest lvl msp player) has made a new website for her Pump Supporters, (her supporters)  It’s called Pump Planet! Its logo looks exactly likes Movie star planets. 99 more words

MSP High Scores Week 3

Top Artbook: I Can Make You Awww! By kittys90

Top Movie: Random: Santa is a…. by pumpchkin

Top MovieStar: pumpchkin

Top Look: Non VIP I <3 XMas By pumpchkin… 14 more words

MovieStar Planet

Sorry, pumpchkin (moviestarplanet)

As you may know, I have recently quit Team Pump. It’s not because of pumpchkin. It’s because of her “brother” Devesh. On MSP Beat, I saw screenshots of what he has done to innocent MovieStars. 17 more words

MovieStar Planet

MSP Update!

Hi, guys! I know it’s been a while since I just talked about MSP! So, here it goes! So, my main account, KiTtyKatz1114, has a club called ~My Kittenz~.   161 more words

MovieStar Planet

MSP High Scores Week 2

Top MovieStar: pumpchkin

Top Artbook: I can make you sneeze! By bbgirl2233

Top Movie: (Pt.1) Mother In Law NightMare By pumpchkin

Top Look: Non VIP BYT Jammies Smile :D by… 16 more words

MovieStar Planet