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Day 7 - Place Called Love

Next for the 100 Day Song Challenge:

7. A song that gets you pumped up.

Basically, anything that I really really like will get me pumped up whether it’s upbeat or not. 16 more words


Leg Day & PR !

Today I kind of woke up late and I went to the gym around 3pm.

Went with Youlim and we did squats for the first exercise, first set being the warm-up set, 20kg per side for 10 reps just to get the hang of the form and feeling of my quads. 146 more words



It has been a long time since my last post because I had been quite busy with attachment from school and all.

I still do go to the gym to work my ass off even though I’m tired as fuck after work. 310 more words

Beyond Limits

National Lacrosse Team (U-17)

I tried out for the U-17 national lacrosse team. High school players from all over the country came to the tryout. There were maybe around 60 to begin with. 121 more words


Look Who's Ready For Super Bowl XLIX

We all wish we could be enjoying the warm, sunny weather in Arizona. So we’ll do what we naturally do and live through celebrity photos. 139 more words