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It's Your Choice...

sometimes life is a real bummer…and other times it’s so full of joy that you can’t contain it! but here’s the deal…whether it’s full of downers or pumped up with joy, you still have to choose if you want to partake of either of them… 101 more words

Getting Pumped up for Class

It sounds dumb right?

This is what I usually hear from students before a class:

“I hope we get out early.” “Are we doing anything important today?” “I need to study for this test.” 919 more words


Rise Above The Ashes

*Revised. Originally published in CandidlyChristian : http://candidlychristian.com/stay-positive/

Do you sometimes feel beaten down by the world? Do you spend your time spent around those who tell you ‘you can’t’ rather than those who tell you can? 726 more words


Decrease Self, so God can Increase in You

Too many so called Saints are pumped up by others to the point of being puffed up. They are standing dangerously on man-made pedal stools. They may have started out with a sincere walk, however; because they didn’t ever really have their feet planted they took their eyes off Jesus and started thinking they are doing it on their own. 503 more words