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Sometimes the simplest of days are the best. A friend recently visited, and all we did was eat and visit. It was the best day. No events, no drives through beautiful scenery, just catching up with each other’s lives, hearing what was really being said, adding some perspective, hugging and laughing and loving each other. 261 more words


Day 184/365: Orange Socks and Pumpkin Plants

The pumpkin seedlings are really starting to thrive now.  And here are the finished socks.  It’s still foggy in Morro Bay, but I’m hoping the weekend will clear up so I can take more (and better) photos.


Day 182/365: Orange Sock #2, Almost Finished

I am now up to the ribbing on the sock.  I wanted to take a creative and interesting photo for today’s blog entry, and this is the one I liked best.  15 more words


BIG Garden

We have had some really rainy weather in the last few weeks, but when it’s not pouring, it is brilliantly sunny.  Not much middle ground.  I actually really enjoy the almost-daily mix of storms and sun.  241 more words


Why I Am Planting Radishes And Not Pumpkins This Year (An Infographic)

I’m officially giving up on pumpkins. I keep planting them because pumpkins are so festive and fanciful-looking. But trying to wrangle the plants themselves is just too much work. 153 more words

Botanical Things

Summer is here!

Another week flew by and we are starting to get into the start of summer now.  This past week saw us get quite a few things done around the Village. 514 more words

Day 176/365: Something Else That's Going to Be Orange

The other night I was in the kitchen and Sean was in the living room, browsing the internet on his laptop.  He made a comment about checking out the day’s blog post.  129 more words