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Nails 24th may 

So I love my garden and I love looking after my fingernails, but I guess the garden wins out. When I am doing heavy gardening like digging, moving soil or cutting the grass I wear good gardening gloves, but when I am weeding or planting anything at all I need to feel the soil I don’t wear gloves for these jobs,, so naturally my nails suffer:: 205 more words


Taking the plunge

There comes a time each growing season, when gardeners have to decide that the chance of hard frosts has passed and they can start to move seedlings and young plants out of their greenhouses, into their final positions and for me, this year, that day was Thursday just gone (19th May). 1,057 more words

Grow Your Own

Yard Sale Finds

Today marked the annual yard sale day for the small community I live in.  I was ear to ear smiling when people mentioned this is ‘The Halloween House’ a title I was hoping to claim one of these days.  50 more words

In which Twiglet Acquires a New Gardening Tool

What’s better than a new gardening tool? A tool that you’ve won! A lot of my gardening tools are old and not particularly well cared for, I must admit. 671 more words


Garden 2016

So this is only a few weeks late because life just happens like that sometimes and phone calls come and paperwork happens and things just get crazy. 315 more words


Repurposing the repurposed

Officially, the last day for frost risk is 22 degrees Celsius in Leeds. Not sure if it is the same where I am but since the night time temperatures are predicted to be about 10 degrees over the next few days, I think it’s a reasonable assumption that it’s safe enough for pumpkins which have been hardened off. 100 more words