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The Pea Field has Been Saved!

The pea field has been saved!  Well not exactly…the pea seeds have rotted, the peas are dead, and now the peas are gone!!  This is when living in an area where over 250 different crops are grown can pay off.  169 more words


Pumpkins and Fairy Godmothers

I’m not sure when I had my A-HA “fairy tales don’t happen in real life!” moment. The moment when I realized that mothers are just as scary as evil stepmothers. 903 more words


Today we answer the question: Munchkins: Can you eat them?



Maybe so?

The question was originally posed by a friend a few months ago, when I was giving a tour of the pumpkins… 359 more words

Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 3

Hello. Here’s page 3 of Cyborg Pumpkin. You can read the story thus far here, or by clicking on the image.

I think this is chapter four of pumpkin man . 186 more words


Pumpkin Man: Cyborg Pumpkin page 2

Here’s page 2. You can read the story thus far here, or by clicking on the image.

I had to photo-edit out a smear on the page, so I’m sorry if this page looks less sincere. 18 more words


April Newsletter

March 31st-april1st  Click Here to read the newsletter.  There is a lot of information!

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Pumpkin house HDR resized

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