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I am not a farmer, I can’t even keep bamboo alive. So take my word for it that when I said, “I want to have a vegetable garden”, everyone looked at me like I was insane. 172 more words


Rainy summer

Everything is fine – the weather is perfect this summer – I don’t have to water, it’s cool enough to get in a good workday every day, and everything is growing well. 94 more words


2015_Day 207: Making room for pumpkins

I’m not used to pulling dried-out tomato plants out of the garden until September or even October, but three that were well past their prime got the boot today to make room for several pumpkins. 737 more words


How to make a pumpkin sling hammock thing.

I have a horrible plague-like cold right now. So of course I’m thinking about the project I forgot to flesh out: pumpkin slings! Or hammocks. Or supports. 66 more words


Fall /Christmas Decor!

Yes. ..I have started making my fall/christmas decor and it is only July, but in my defense, it is the end of July and I just couldn’t wait! 271 more words

Summer heat

Summer heat, humidity, and moisture have been the theme for sometime now, and these conditions are starting to cause a host of diseases on grass, flowers, fruits and vegetables around the area. 575 more words