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Week 3: Orthographic Drawing - Thurs. Class

In class today we looked at orthographic style drawing. I enjoyed this class as tech/orthographic drawing is something I like to do and find fun. The drawings we were asked to create were plans, and sections of installations created on Monday. 80 more words


Week 3: Revisiting the Site - Mon. Deliverables

I decided to go back to my site for another visit so I could take even more photographs and gain more knowledge about what the space is like. 79 more words


Week 3: Installation - Mon. Class

For this class, I was lucky enough to be paired with Olivia to create an installation in a confined space based on a given ritual. Our ritual to work with was ‘flexing a muscle’, so our initial thought was human anatomy and how when we flex a muscle tendons and ligaments work together, tensing and relaxing, to perform the movement. 166 more words


Week 2: Mashup Exploration - Thurs. Deliverables

For this class’s deliverables we were asked to create 4 mashups of our site, ritual, and ideas. This helped me think of some new ideas as well as showing a more creative approach to ways of thinking. 21 more words


Week 2: Mashups - Thurs. Class

In class today we were asked to create a mashup up surrounding our site and ritual, and an idea or two surrounding our final proposal. The first idea that came to my mind was the use of steam or fog as that is a prominent aspect to a shower which is my chosen ritual. 99 more words


Week 2: Site From Afar - Mon. Deliverables

I did two more documentations for the site, but this time from afar meaning that I am able to get a perspective from outside the actual space. 291 more words


3 charged in kidnapping case; mother, children allegedly kept in shack for days

Court documents released Monday, March 20, reveal more information about the alleged kidnapping case involving a Hawaii Island mother and her three young children.

Three suspects were arrested for the incident, including the children’s father, 30-year-old Israel Allen Chapson. 442 more words