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David Wall, this one's for you!

Based on an actual happening from my good friend, David Wall.  ;)


Review: Yurikuma Arashi

In our future, a minor planet has exploded and its forgotten fragments rained down on Earth as an iridescent meteor shower. Of all the unprecedented outcomes that could have been, the disaster made the world’s bears stand up as one to wage war against humans. 417 more words


Punch Line - When I am Stress Out

When I am stress out…

Coffee is the key after retail therapy.
Then ahh…don’t block my way.

Just don’t.


The most courageous soldier is one:

who is not afraid to die,
who could face the enemy

and the angry face of his wife.

Get that Courage to Survive!


Review: Punch Line Season 1

With Punch Line, Studio MAPPA’s original comedy ecchi, there is a sense of the creative team throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. 648 more words