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Rundown (1/20-1/26) The Next Level In Graphical Technology

As someone who did not grow up with CRT displays, or at least they were phased out so early in my life that I genuinely cannot remember gaming on them, I developed a fondness for older games being emulated as sharply as they could be.   1,142 more words


This weird hack for 2019 saves...

Okay, sorry about the puerile click-bait. Welcome to 2019! Don’t you just love those adverts that pop up, missing the punch-line? I must admit I don’t click. 796 more words


Punch Line review - Knickers in a Twist

Punch Line’s a visual novel written by Kotaro Uchikoshi (Director of the Zero Escape series and has also worked on the Punch Line anime) and from this alone I expected to find something to love. 1,308 more words


Panties and Cults Are the Punch Line

Management: This essay is meant to be less of a review and more of analysis of the show being examined. It contains plot spoilers for the Punch Line anime. 1,529 more words

[REVIEW] Punch Line (PS4)

Punch Line
Developer: 5pb (Steins;Gate, Corpse Party)
Publisher: PQube
Available on: PS4 (reviewed), Vita
Price: $49.99 USD (PS4), $39.99 USD (Vita)

From the writer of such acclaimed adventure visual novels as…

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Punch Line

Name: Punch Line
Status: TV-Finished Airing ::, Audio CD

Translator- Heat
Editor- Hybird21
Timer- Hybird21
Typesetter- Hybird21, itsP, logarithm
QC- Hybird21
Encoder- Hybird21
KFX- Hybird21… 20 more words

Punch Line

It's the Freakin' Weekend, So What Are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Hurricanes! Let’s talk!

I reside in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina, which is about to get its ass kicked by a hurricane. 844 more words

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