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Awesome Games Done Quick!

The marathon of games event is over and produced some great speedruns for many, many games. Aside from the laundry list of games being played to beaten quickly, there was a charity event attached to it. 35 more words


The Law Dogs Top 10 sports video games of ALL TIME

Well, folks, I won’t lie to you. While editing The Law Dog’s most recent top ten, it took me back to a simpler time. A time when you had to master two buttons to play a video game. 1,492 more words


Bro-est Bros You Knows - Ep. 21- Ronda Routed

You could see her face┬áspread across the marquee… this was RONDA ROUSEY’s game and nobody else had a right to win. The undisputed champion versus the 7th ranked bantamweight fighter? 473 more words


One Life Wife - 05 - Punch-Out!!

Taking on the notorious Punch-Out!!, sans Mike Tyson, on the Wii-U. How will the wife fare when the game isn’t as much about button mashing as it is about timing? 43 more words


Gameplay Theater: Punch Out Boss Rush

A 30-minute video of Wii “Punch Out” Boss Rush in title defense mode, which includes a special cameo from Donkey Kong.