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Good Games Podcast: Episode 95 - Puzzling Tells


This week, Frank and Alex solve puzzles, loot dungeons, and avoid death by bullets. They also discuss the upcoming Gears of War 4 release date, Sony making it up to fans for the poor server stability of… 120 more words


Punch-Out!!: Reddit User Finds Easter Egg 29 In Year Old Game

In an age where you have to pay to see a games true ending with 2 DLC packs, classic games are still paying off with new and interesting Easter eggs! 111 more words

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30-Year Old Secret Found In Punch-Out!!

One gaming gem that has been somewhat lost in recent years is the inclusion of easter eggs and secrets. Back in the day, they would add hours to gameplay, with kids pulling all-nighters with their friends trying to find an easter egg their friend’s friend heard about in Nintendo Power. 144 more words