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Open Secrets, Vol. 10

– Civility will not save you.

– Riddle me thus!

– The irreparable future.

– (Sometimes the fight picks you.)

– Who? vs. Who Dares? 58 more words


Driving Home

LOOKING INTO THE CROWD, it’s dark. I hear laughter, and in the first few rows, I see it. Teeth, tongue, and mouths in a collage of identities, but I recognize no one. 3,529 more words


Punchline's 'Friend From the Future' Is Layered, Melodic Pop Punk

Punchline’s ‘Friend From the Future’ is fun, layered and melodic pop punk. On here, these “Pennsylvania pop-rock stalwarts deliver a series of relentlessly catchy melodic hooks.” Lyrically, the song “takes a birds eye view,” according to the band, “of past, present and future… to examine our perennial struggle with time.” This upbeat track is defined by it coursing, melodic guitars. 63 more words

New Release

Punchline release 'Friend from the Future'.

‘Friend from the Future’ by Punchline music video mesmerised me. It added depth to an already thought provoking pop punk song. Lyrically this song is a birds eye view of the past, present and the future and our struggle with the concept of time. 50 more words


The Spill Canvas Announce "Part of the Hive" Tour With Punchline & Selfish Things

The Spill Canvas have announced that they are touring with Punchline and Selfish Things this Summer. Entitled “Part of the Hive” tour, you can check out the dates and venues of this tour below. 71 more words

Was Not Funny, but if You Know a Better One - Corrected Punchline

The one Caribou says to the Moose, “I would have suggested that we have a threesome, but what with the Old Lady being so nearsighted and all, she might not have known, you were there!” Then they had a good laugh at her expense, slapping their knees, and butting their antlers, when she said “Yes, and then the problem would be feeling that you really were there, in person, and all!” 523 more words


The Making of an Historic Punchline

For my Public Relations class, we were assigned to make several blog posts regarding situations in which Public Relations handled the wave of change to influence the thoughts and opinions of the public. 448 more words