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How to use commas: using "that" versus "which"

Last week we talked about using commas to separate the main part of a sentence from nonessential information, information that we can remove from a sentence without altering the meaning of the sentence. 670 more words


How to use commas: separating nonessential information from the main part of a sentence

Commas are one of the most commonly used punctuation marks. Despite how often we use them, though, it’s not always easy to understand when we should include a comma somewhere in a sentence and when we should leave it out. 899 more words


A case for the Oxford comma

One of the most heated debates that you can get into about the English language is whether or not people should use the Oxford comma when they write. 711 more words


How to use square brackets: Part 3

Over the past few weeks, we’ve showed you how you can use square brackets to clarify “errors” or ambiguous words in quotes. However, square brackets can come in handy even if you don’t use quotes in your writing very often. 369 more words


How to use square brackets: Part 2

In last week’s post, we explained one way of using square brackets: placing them around the abbreviation “sic” to indicate an error in a quote. Today we’re going to talk about another way of using square brackets, which also happens to involve quotes. 511 more words


Exclamation marks!!!!!! (Tip 54)

Happy New Year!!! We hope 2016 brings you much happiness and lots of success with your writing! If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution then here’s a handy one: cut out all those exclamation marks!!!!!1!!11!!! 178 more words

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When to leave periods out: Part 2

Have you ever written a sentence that ends with a word or phrase that ends with a period and wonder how you’re supposed to punctuate it? 243 more words