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Exclamationpoint-itis : the dangers of getting overexcited with your punctuation!!!!!!

Recently I did a great webinar with one of my faves, Nikki Elledge Brown, and full disclosure, I’m basing this post on something she spoke about, and I’m stealing her word for the condition!  206 more words


Punctuation saves lives #1

I have a particular interest in / passion for / obsession with English punctuation (Oxford comma, anyone?)

Here is the first of many images which humour and irk me at the same time.


Punctuation pointers for sign goobers

Historically, sign makers have used great creative license. So much so that I have even known a few who seemed to view correct spelling and punctuation as suggestions rather than rules. 1,047 more words


English Punctuation Rules

Using punctuation correctly can be confusing, even for a native English speaker. Learn the basic rules for using periods, commas, question marks, exclamation points, colons, and the dreaded semicolon… 29 more words

ESL Intermediate

Ever heard of the Oxford comma?

Who cares where the comma is from? I mean, a comma is a comma, right?

OK, so this is not about where the comma is from, but you probably already knew that. 270 more words


Friday Fun: Commas Save Lives

I wrote earlier this week about the importance of a missing comma in an Ohio court case regarding a parking ticket, but proper comma usage can be even more important. 11 more words

Random Thoughts

Acronyms and Apostrophes

As this blog grows, you’ll find that I have no shortage of pet peeves when it comes to punctuation, grammar, spelling, and speech. Today’s peeve is the improper use of the apostrophe to pluralize an acronym. 180 more words

Pet Peeves