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Pesky Punctuation, Pt. XIII: The Exclamation Mark

Ah, yes: the exclamation mark. A terminal punctuation mark, it denotes surprise, excitement, anger and more. It should not appear with any other punctuation marks (commas, question marks or periods). 298 more words


Pesky Punctuation, Pt. XII: The Question Mark

The world is a wild place, full of uncertainty and chaos.

Don’t go out alone! Here, take this with you—the question mark.

The question mark in its current form is attributed to English scholar, poet, and teacher… 365 more words


Pesky Punctuation, Pt. XI: The Parenthesis

(You’re reading this sotto voce, aren’t you?)

(Don’t worry. I won’t tell a soul.)

Parentheses—used to denote an aside, an explanation or even a conspiratorial tone—may seem superfluous, given the availability of the comma, the em dash and italics to accomplish the same goals. 401 more words


Pesky Punctuation, Pt. X: The Ellipsis

You knew it was coming. The ellipsis delivers a splash of nuance, marking a halt in speech, a brief pause, or a short deletion from an original text. 471 more words


Dialogue: formalities and conventions, punctuation and formatting (tip 32)

This is the first in a new series of tips, in which we’ll be focusing on dialogue. In this video, we’re starting with the formalities. Since the 18th century, conventions have developed for presenting speech in prose, and here’s everything you need to know. 472 more words