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Punk-Ass Punctuation

Punctuation is super fucking important if you want to get your damn point across and not look like an asshole.

No matter how strong your argument may be, no matter how solid your facts are, and no matter how unbelievably right you may feel, no one is going to listen to a damn thing you say if you can’t articulate the shit out of it.   273 more words

Basic English

Dialogue: formalities and conventions, punctuation and formatting (tip 32)

This is the first in a new series of tips, in which we’ll be focusing on dialogue. In this video, we’re starting with the formalities. Since the 18th century, conventions have developed for presenting speech in prose, and here’s everything you need to know. 472 more words


How to Learn the Apostrophe (test answers)

Do we need them?
Where do they go?

Here are the answers according to the conventional rules:

The cat s drinking its milk. 74 more words


How to Learn the Apostrophe

A waste of space or an essential tool of written communication?

Notoriously complex, mysteriously simple. The ‘comma in the air’ has caused much controversy over the years. 328 more words


Pesky Punctuation, Pt. V: The Em Dash

No, we’re not talking about Rapidash today. (Sorry to get your hopes up, Pokémon fans…) We’re talking about something even more exciting: Pesky Punctuation’s fifth installment, the em dash! 478 more words


Using the slash mark

When reviewing business copy, I often notice a lot of use of the slash mark. First, besides appearing in URLs, fractions, or dates, for example, a slash is a mark that shows options: … 177 more words


A few things every prose writer needs

A recent poll revealed that among respondents over fifty, ‘publish a novel’ has displaced ‘have an extra-marital affair’ as the most cited ambition. Perhaps so many people aspire to write because all you need to get started is a pen and paper or something to type on. 683 more words

Getting Started