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Saturday night

I wanted to post something on Friday, but we barely made it back to the hotel before sundown. TH and YS and I slept in again (who’s surprised), and dashed out to the local street market. 554 more words


5th International Food Festival- Untold Stories of Culinary Invaders. (International Institute of Hotel Management- Pune)

⁠⁠⁠IIHM Background: 

IIHM is the part of the IndiSmart Group which was founded in 1994, which has its branches spread across the country, just to name it , Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, and in Bangkok which has a state of an art  campus. 957 more words


Maharashtra : A heritage walk and a modern city

Continued from here

We were up early for the part of the Pune trip I was most eager about, the heritage walk. We got to the location at 7 am and headed off with a small group, 2 locals, one American and the 2 of us being guided by a Dr.Ajit Apte. 928 more words


Being cheap?

I didn’t go for a particular handmade exhibition this year owing to its Rs 49 entry fee. Demonetization means that I am hanging on to every piece of hard cash I have. 656 more words


Bharatnatyam - Pride of India

Ta Thai Tatta Thai, The very basics of Indian classical dance form known to us since childhood. India is no where less in heritage, culture, music, dance forms, crafts, sports and other activities. 294 more words


We woke late (again), dashed down to the hotel breakfast, which was much better than yesterday. Better cook? I don’t know but it was quite good and we ate quite a bit more. 780 more words


Demonetisation - 1 month later

​1 month of demonetisation – I think I experienced all possible life emotions I knew so far in this one month.