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Macro Photography : Long Legged Fly by YogendraJoshi

Dolichopodidae, the long-legged flies, are a large, cosmopolitan family of true flies with more than 7,000 described species in about 230 genera. Dolichopodidae generally are small flies with large, prominent eyes and a metallic cast to their appearance… 11 more words

The joy at yearly Pt Firoz Dastur memorial concert

The yearly Pt Firoz Dastur memorial concert is truly a bonanza for classical music connoisseurs of Pune. This year the concert on Wed , Nov 25th at SM Joshi memorial auditorium was graced by Harmonium solo by Dr Arwind Thatte and vocal feast by Pt Arun Kashalkar; Two of the most humble veterans of classical music ! 186 more words

Hindustani Classical Music

Culture Awe!

“I have been in a constant state of awe ever since I got here. I love it, and I feel comfortable and at peace with the differences and chaos.” This is something I wrote during my second week in India, something that after spending 3 months in India no longer applied lol, but still when I read it it makes me smile at how I felt about this country before it started to wear on me. 4,563 more words


एक तुतारी द्या मज आणुनी!

लिहिण्याची खूप इच्छा व्हावी आणि लिहायला घेतल्यावर काहीच सुचू नये असं नेहेमी होतय आताशा.

As I’m reading more, I have started getting hang of things I am up to. 549 more words

“One butterfly wing reflected wholly in a mirror won’t give flight. Let this be a lesson in love.”
― Jarod Kintz


When you dont get birds to shoot wink emoticon… 11 more words


Kathak Dance

In February 2014 I was fortunate to attend a wonderful  couple of nights of Kathak Dance in Pune, India.

Not wanting to miss out on any of the details of the performers, here is the full program of performances/presentations : 358 more words