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101 పరుగులకే చాప చుట్టేసిన టీం ఇండియా

101 పరుగులకే చాప చుట్టేసిన టీం ఇండియా

ఆస్ట్రేలియాలో ఇరగదీసిన టీం ఇండియా, శ్రీలంకతో టి20 మ్యాచ్ లో ఒక్కసారిగా పిల్లిలా మారిపోయింది. పుణెలో జరుగుతున్న మొదటి టి20 లో, అనుభవం లేని శ్రీలంక కుర్ర బౌలర్లకు వికెట్లు సమర్పించుకున్నారు భారత బ్యాట్స్ మెన్. కేవలం అశ్విన్ మాత్రమే 31 పరుగులతో టాప్ స్కోరర్ గా నిలిచాడు. అతని స్కోర్ తప్పితే, మిగిలిన భారత బ్యాట్స్ మెన్ స్కోర్లు……….Read More……

Helmet Oh No!!!

There have been many jokes going around about Pune city and its people. When Pune was selected in “Smart City” list, there was a joke going around! 869 more words


UX job openings (various locations)

Some of you may know that, I lead a User Experience team at ZS Associates.  We’re a privately held, employed-owned professional services firm of about 4000 people, with offices around the world.   471 more words

The Gate to Heaven

This picture is of one of the gates of Shivneri Fort: the birthplace of Chattrapati Shivaji maharaj. What I really liked about this pic the moment I clicked it is that despite its simple construction, the monument loses none of its beauty.


5 Pune's street food outlets you must visit!!

  1. JJ Garden Vada Pav Center

You all know Maharashtra is famous for Vada Pav, so let’s start with this only. This place had to be the first one in the list, one of the oldest and famous vada pav outlet in Pune. 895 more words


Sauteed Stories Restaurant

We stumbled upon this place. Physically stumbled upon. My heels were hurting and I needed lunch and this place happened to appear, almost magically before us. 179 more words


Bhigwan — A Bird Watcher's Paradise

Around 100Kms from Pune in the direction of Sholapur lies Bhigwan, a small village that becomes a hotbed for migratory birds in winter. Among other birds, the serene backwaters of the Ujain Dam witness the arrival of the Greater Flamingos in January and February – also birders and photography enthusiasts. 617 more words