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The Elephant Riders II

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Over the Alps, onward to Rome
The great Hannibal leads his forces
From the ancient city of Carthage… 92 more words


The Elephant Riders

Known to history as the elephant riders
Those brave Carthaginians who dare follow Hannibal
Over frozen mountain terrain
Only one goal in mind: Destroy Rome 52 more words


Guercino, Sophonisba with the Bowl of Poison c. 1630

During the second Punic War, Sophonisba, a Carthaginian noblewoman and beauty, poisoned herself in order to avoid being defiled and degraded by a Roman victory.


Carthago Delenda Est

That is, “Carthage must be destroyed”. These words were spoken by the Roman statesman and Senator Marcus Porcius Cato, or Cato the Elder… 1,631 more words


Claw of Archimedes

Giulio Parigi (1571–1635)

Detail of a wall painting of the Claw of Archimedes sinking a ship, taking the name “iron hand” in the ancient sources literally, dated from 1599 until 1600. 272 more words

Historical Ships

Bijou Battles

This post is really a test of off-line posting using Microsoft Word 2010,but also contains information on my 2mm rules. 88 more words


Here we go again ...

So begins another (4th, 5th. 6th … ?) attempt at writing/keeping??…a blog..  This  time I have specified the purpose of the blog, so should find it easier to motivate myself into writing something  on a daily basis.  35 more words

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