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We Can't Keep Them

Our job as a parent is to prepare our child for adulthood. As simple as that statement is, it is not an easy task. It requires time, repetition, instruction, leniency, patience and a whole lot of love. 491 more words

Hosea 5 - A Lion's Discipline

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Today’s PassageHosea 5

I’m gonna ruin the magic today. I’ve been writing posts in advance lately and building up a buffer. 702 more words


The Cock and the Housemaids - AESOP'S FABLES (be careful what you ask for... laziness is its own punishment)

Each dawn a cock’s commotion

Ended a housewife’s snores;

She roused her maids and called them

Back to heir daily chores. 87 more words


ONS : Jurisaku SMut + Jurisaku sisters (by jyurination48)

(tumblr link)

just a link, not mine huhuu


Jurisaku fan fiction by Jyurination48 (tumblr post)

tag : girlxgirl, Yuri, Incest, smut, akb48, jurisaku, nsfw, 18+ 7 more words

Matsui Jurina

Domestic Discipline - My Thoughts

I have a wonderful compilation of stories coming out in two volumes in the next couple of months called Honor and Obey from Blushing Books. They are all about couples who’ve had difficult relationships and are heading for divorce or an end to their romance. 1,264 more words


Failure To Listen.

Concerning the prophets:

My heart is broken within me;
    all my bones shake;
I am like a drunken man,
    like a man overcome by wine, 1,662 more words


Is Reason The Solution To A six Year Old To Clean His Room?

Oh the eternal fight that is getting a child to clean their room!

Yelling, screaming, grounding, taking away toys and activities, nothing works

Perhaps, reason? Is it really that easy? 122 more words