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Discipline Without Punishment

As a parent, we all want to raise polite, thoughtful, kind, empathetic, generous, sweet, loving, little people. No one wants to be that parent whose kid is pushing others, stealing toys from smaller children, yelling or crying when they don’t get their way, throwing tantrums, yelling “no no no no no no” when asked to do something, or basically just acting like a little shit-head. 555 more words


Why are Laws in many countries so punitive today?

A people can only elect their own consciousness, and it is that collective consciousness that forms itself into laws. Thus we are governed by the concepts of our own consciousness encoded into legislation. 147 more words


Beautiful, Stranger

Knowing what was took for granted,
Those shades of night that coldly swell,
She was so grand I did as well;
A shell for what men have wanted. 139 more words




Fear – entanglement.

One swift motion.

Painful, regretful, calculative, justifiable.


Age To Age Poetry

Eucatastrophe. Part:10

“I don’t care how you do it but you need to somehow let the judges know that it wasn’t you. I’m giving you two days. If I don’t hear anything within those two days then I’m going to go straight to your granny and reveal everything”, I finished off quite pleased with myself. 797 more words




掃羅屬便雅憫支派,是又健壯、又俊美、在以色列人中沒有一個能比他的,身體比眾民高過一頭。 (撒母耳記上 9:1-2)

掃羅當王第二年,他就要出戰非利士人。以三千以色列人去敵擋有車三萬輛、馬兵六千、步兵像海邊的沙那樣多的非利士人。一眾被非利士人包圍,退守吉甲。在窘迫下的情況下,撒母耳又沒有依約出現,掃羅擔心自己因沒有好好禱告求耶和華,在情急之下只好自己去獻燔祭。就因他沒有聽命等待撒母耳,違反了耶和華的吩咐,神便要把他廢掉。 (撒母耳記上 13:1-14)

在對亞瑪力人一役,在殺盡所有人後,卻因百姓沒有殺盡所牲畜而被視為耶和華眼中的惡事。 (你為何沒有聽從耶和華的命令、急忙擄掠財物、行耶和華眼中看為惡的事呢。 撒母耳記上 15:19) 掃羅雖多次認錯求赦免,又敬拜耶和華,仍不被原諒。

在此之前,掃羅不斷為以色列人征戰。從兒子約拿單擅自去殺非利士人,犯了掃羅說不許吃東西的命令,眾人也跟隨宰了奪回來的牲畜,且帶血而吃。掃羅因自己向耶和華起的誓,準備要殺自己的兒子。整件事件中看出掃羅都是以神為中心的。 (撒母耳記上 14 章)

曾多次被耶和華的靈感動的掃羅 (撒母耳記上 10:9-13, 11:6), 自大衛被膏後,神的靈便離開他,且有從神來的惡魔來擾亂他 (撒母耳記上 16:13-14)。各人印象中極不要得的掃羅才出現。

或許很多人認為不聽命是大罪,掃羅是罪有應得。但當你知道取締他的大衛也曾穿上只有亞倫子孫才可以穿的以弗得,自己當祭司去獻祭 (出埃及記 28:1, 29:29-30),而神卻沒有加以責罰時,或許會有別的想法吧。 8 more words


Daring Escape From The Dana

1897: Notorious criminal Walter Roach had been quietly planning his escape from the Dana prison in Shrewsbury for weeks.

He was awaiting trial for a burglary at a Post office at Grindley Brook near Whitchurch. 540 more words