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Hebrews 12:5: “My dear child, don’t shrug off God’s discipline, but don’t be crushed by it either. It is the child he loves that he disciplines; the child he embraces, he also corrects.”

Do people change? If we performed a poll and pose this question to people around the world what would the outcome be? Probably there would be a general consensus that people do change, hopefully for the better, but that change is inevitable. 556 more words


Those in Jail

Senator Cory Booker shares a story about visiting a prison in his book United, and he describes the people he met behind bars. In his passage he describes the men in a way that elevates their humanity, which is a shift from the descriptions most people have of men in prison, which reduces their humanity. 515 more words

Meditations - Marcus Aurelius

Deuteronomy 25:17-19

Key Verse(s):

Deuteronomy 25:19 (CSB)

19 When the Lord your God gives you rest from all the enemies around you in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess as an inheritance, blot out the memory of Amalek under heaven. 372 more words


Parenting...Isn't there a Manual?

As a mom of a 4 year old and a 11 year old I sometimes wonder if I am doing this parenting thing right.  I think that is a question we all wonder as parents at one point in time or another.   708 more words


You Laugh, You Lose! (Pimple Cupcake)

Every Thursday, at 7:40 a.m. Chad and Jill play “You Laugh, You Lose!

Both go back and forth, telling (horrible) jokes and whoever laughs first has to suffer the consequence. 314 more words


Growing up I don’t remember being grounded much. That’s not to mean I was the perfect child (far from it y’all) because I was met with a spanking instead when my mouth got me in trouble. 360 more words


Criminals- More love than crime?

Love tokens were often made by criminals in the 19th century, they’d leave this sentimental gift to loved ones before being sent abroad for penal settlements, often never seeing these loved ones again. 918 more words