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Health and Fitness

As you might have noticed, I have let the diet thing slip lately. My weight has plateaued at approximately 20kg down on my 05.01.15 weight, and has been stuck at around that point for maybe 7 or 8 weeks now. 417 more words


Book Reviews and Punishments!

Hello Keddah,

I’ve finally left my Patrick Rothfuss book slump and I’ve started reading again! I think summer makes me read.

These are the books I’ve read so far! 719 more words


The Chemical Cure

The doctor jokes these injections will give me powers like in the comic books—that when I’m sorted I’ll slap away bullets for a bird—but my cheeks still flush for any right fit bloke. 7 more words


Children Who Make Mistakes and the Parents that punish them

Short and to the point today… Should kids be punished for accidental occurrences? I believe if it’s a one time accident, no. If it’s something that happens repeatedly, then yes, depending on the situation. 26 more words


Journal Entry - 18.06.2015

Location – On my bed at home.

Mood – Really happy.

Recap of the day

I woke up feeling really, really tired today. I didn’t start to try and sleep until around 12.30am, due to distractions, which probably didn’t help. 1,875 more words

Journal Entry

Actions make for a greedy cunt

As you know things have been slightly rocky for the last week. It seems to me that is just going to be a thing for a while until everything gets settled and figured out. 1,286 more words



Undeserve: v. to not earn a punishment(s) and/or reward(s) for a behavior(s) but getting a punishment(s) and/or a reward(s)


You have probably seen instances of the undeserving getting rewarded and not having earned the reward and being punished and not having earned the punishment. 144 more words

Common Sense