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The Dirty Minds

There are certain events that get you thinking. The ones which highlight how humans treat fellow humans (the dirty minds), they peak my interest. The general debate on issues involving humans usually focus on why one person/group of people should be punished. 422 more words

Random Thoughts

Guest author: Paul Andruss - DANTE’S INFERNO

The second in a series of guest posts by author  Paul Andruss…

Dante called his poem ‘The Divine Comedy’ a comedy because it has a happy ending. 1,639 more words



The word itself makes me shudder in fear.

I am shivering ,

Covered in cold sweat,

As I read more and more about the Jahannam ! 1,452 more words


Score one for worst Mom of the Year

The winter dance was on Saturday and me the worst Mom of the Year did not let my kid go. Let me tell you how it unraveled…. 850 more words


Questioning the Media 15

I don’t think I would speak out against our government because of the punishments that they could come up with. They could send you to prison or even torture you. 54 more words

We talk it out...

So……. I have a nine-year old daughter already going on 16 and probably ready to drive most days, but on the left side she cuddles and never wants to leave my side. 521 more words


My boyfriend's parents make me want to... aaaaGH!! Kaboom!

Let me tell you a little something about dating a teen guy, or more specifically; my boyfriend. About his parents; They are nice and polite people, but I just secretly really hate on them. 960 more words

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