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Research shows that Tory 'hostile environment' of welfare sanctions doesn't help people to find work

The UK’s most extensive study of welfare conditionality has found that welfare sanctions are “ineffective” at “supporting” people into work and are more likely to reduce those affected to poverty, ill-health or survival crime.  1,605 more words

Argel v. Judge Pascua A.M. No. RTJ-94-1131, August 20, 2001

Facts: Complainant alleged in his complaint that respondent Judge rendered a Decision in Crim. Case No. 2999-V entitled People v. Miguel Argel convicting him of murder notwithstanding the fact that he had already been previously acquitted by respondent in her Decision dated 22 July 1993, promulgated on 13 August 1993. 626 more words

Contitutional Law 2

People vs. Judge Vergara G.R. Nos. 101557-58. April 28, 1993. 221 SCRA 560 (1993)

Facts: Accused were arraigned for frustrated murder. They all pleaded “not guilty.”, when the cases were initially called for trial, the Prosecuting Fiscal together with counsel for accused jointly moved for the suspension of the hearing pending the outcome of the motion filed by the accused for reinvestigation of the cases against them, counsel for the offended parties gave, notice to the Provincial Fiscal of their intention to appeal the latter’s resolution to the Department of Justice. 462 more words

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Tupaz v. Ulep G.R. No. 127777, October 1, 1999

Facts: On June 8, 1990, State Prosecutor filed with the MeTC, an information against accused for nonpayment of deficiency corporate income tax for the year 1979 in violation of the Tax Code of 1977. 467 more words

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Heirs of Rillorta vs. Firme G.R. No. L-54904, January 29, 1988 157 SCRA 518 (1988)

Facts: Accused was held guilty only of less serious physical injuries and sentenced to twenty days of arresto menor and to indemnify the heirs of the deceased in the sum of P500.00. 480 more words

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PSBank v. Bermoy G.R. No. 151912, September 26, 2005

Facts: That on or about May 11, 1994, the said accused, defraud the Philippine Savings Bank thru falsification of a public document. Upon arraignment, respondent spouses pleaded not guilty to the charge. 544 more words

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People vs. Yorac G.R. No. L-29270, November 23, 1971 42 SCRA 230 (1971) (overruled)

Facts: The accused was charged with slight physical injuries, the offended party according to the medical certificate issued in April 10, 1968 by a physician and was confined “since April 8, 1968 up to the present time for head injury.” Then came a plea of guilty by the accused on April 16, 1968 resulting in his being penalized to suffer ten days of arresto menor. 597 more words

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