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Spank Me Sir, I deserve it

Getting up today is a struggle; it is a long day today at work for Sir and I just want to pull the covers over my head and ignore the responsibility of the hours ahead of me.   651 more words


You're in Trouble- With a Capital "T"

We are all governed by rules and consequences beginning at a very young age. I recall Grandma’s classic punishment was making us go to bed after supper, which meant no going outside to play and no television–just straight to your room. 480 more words



The camouflage of darkness
hides all that defies existence,
traps secrets within secrets.
Light withheld tries to burst forth
only to be gathered in nets of insecurity – 146 more words


What Are the Possible Punishments for Murder in Tennessee?

Few crimes are as serious, nor are punished as severely, as the crime of murder in the State of Tennessee. If you have been charged with murder, or you are the loved one of someone who has been accused of murder, you are undoubtedly frightened and anxious about the outcome of your case. 125 more words

What Was The Most Creative Punishment You Received As A Kid?

Some of these are weird, some of these are genius, and some of them just make us cringe. Here are some of the wildest creative punishments our listeners told us about: 1,122 more words


Puppet Theater Punishment

Hi Steffi, thanks to my punishment I can present to you: Funko Theater. In which my vinyl figures re-enact a scene from A Very Potter Musical. You’re welcome!