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Raptors' focus now turns to maximizing Lowry-Leonard combo

DENVER — Nick Nurse had his say and the fine from the league office is coming, if it isn’t already here.

If the outburst over the lack of calls on all the clutching and grabbing Kawhi Leonard was being subjected to didn’t come Sunday, it was going to come eventually. 924 more words

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RAPTORS BLOG: Shooting has to get better, but it's not as bad as you might think

The Raptors had to settle for 2-2 after a historic start to the team’s last West Coast trip of the season (they won’t leave the East or Central time zones again in 2018-19 unless they make the NBA Finals). 619 more words

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SIMMONS: After 1,905 Raptors games we can finally say it: This is the best team in the NBA

The convenient narrative that follows the Toronto Raptors from NBA city to NBA city needs to be put to rest.

This isn’t the team that folded up three times against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 903 more words

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NBA COURTSIDE: Where things stand a third of the way into the season

Roughly one third into the 2018-19 NBA season teams and players have begun to separate themselves amidst the usual on- and off-court drama.

The soap opera stuff has centred around Jimmy Butler (from his practice hijinx to his trade to Philadelphia); the annual Golden State Warriors distractions, which this time included words exchanged by stars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green; the unprecedented Markelle Fultz medical saga (again, involving the Sixers, the league’s current kings of zaniness); The Chicago Bulls circus in these early days of the Jim Boylen era (it’s the old story of a team replacing its laid-back old coach with a task-master, only in today’s NBA, the players don’t respond well to that style). 1,494 more words

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Timing not great for discombobulated Raptors to head West without practice time on tap

The timing isn’t exactly ideal for the Raptors to head West for an incredibly tough trip. Kyle Lowry’s game has cratered, the bench continues to struggle, the rebounding has been erratic and opponents have been playing harder than Toronto a bit too often lately. 719 more words

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Leafs on pace for wins record, Gardiner: "In the past, we didn’t expect to win every night"

ST. PAUL, Minn. — As the calendar turns to December, the Maple Leafs are in excellent spirits, and for good reason.

Eighteen wins in their first 26 games of 2018-19 puts them on pace for 57, which easily would break the franchise record of 49, set last season. 599 more words


WOZ BAG: Wolstat answers your Raptors questions Part 1

Our Raptors mailbag returns with reader questions about what so far, record-wise at least, has been the NBA’s top team. Not surprisingly there was a lot of Kawhi and trade interest. 982 more words