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What are punitive damages and what’s the highest amount of compensation awarded in New Jersey?

Punitive damages are damages which are intended to deter a wrongdoer and others from engaging in similar wrongful conduct in the future. They are given to a plaintiff over and above the amount that will compensate them for their loss. 220 more words

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Seeking Legal Representation for Tort Damages~CIVIL RICO ACTION

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Minnesota DFL Rep Rick Nolan Acknowledges my concerns which I provided ample proof against Lawsuit Abuse, Targeting by Fairview Health Services for 17+ yrs by James Borland/Andy Borland, other Government Agencies and their Corporate Co-conspirators, which INCLUDES, the use of Directed Energy Weapons, No Touch Torture Technology ENHANCED INTERROGATION Integrated Muti Mobile System HAARP W/SATELLITE Backup. 144 more words

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When Crime Pays

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Sometimes there’s something better than legal justice. Perfect justice.

A Florida man won a lump sum $2.2 million lottery payment in December. 191 more words

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Atlantic Industries & Ors. v. Simron Food Processors Pvt. Ltd.

Atlantic Industries & Ors. v. Simron Food Processors Pvt. Ltd.

CS(OS) No. 2185 of 2011

Date of Decision: 26.05.2014


The Plaintiff No.1, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Cayman Islands, incorporated in the year 1979, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Coca Cola Company, which is an internationally renowned global company in the beverages industry. 553 more words

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Missouri Wrongful Foreclosure: Trial Court Awards over $3 Million Including Punitive Damages and Quiet Title

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see Quiet title Wrongful foreclosure Punitive Damages Missouri judgment.1-26-15.pdf ocr

Missouri had been impenetrable. Things change. This case finds that neither the GSE nor anyone else in the chain had the power to enforce the paper because they did not really have ownership of the loan, that their title was false, that quiet title is granted to plaintiffs, that foreclosure was wrongful, that compensatory damages are awarded and that punitive damages would be awarded. 266 more words


$5.4M in legal fees awarded by judge to inmates' attorneys in jail-brutality case

By: Terry Carter

A federal judge has awarded more than $5 million in legal fees to lawyers representing five inmates at a Los Angeles County jail who alleged brutality by deputies, the Los Angeles Times reports. 328 more words