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Tau Cross - Pillar of Fire

 I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for a band that can mix a style that I like with one that I’m not very fond of. I really like heavy metal but punk I’ve always been a little shaky about, yet it’s bands like Tau Cross that renew my interest in punk and my love for heavy metal. 497 more words


Entry 0113: Call of Cthulhu summary

7-inch: English Civil War by the Clash

1979 CBS Records, CBS 7082

Favorite Track: Pressure Drop

You may remember my last blog post was a little background story about Wendell Christmas. 939 more words


Pareidolie Pareidola

Your humble author would love to turn your appreciated attention towards this little thingy.


Blood Division - Traitors to the Gallows

 Personally, I’ve never really gone too deep into the world of punk or its extensions, but I’ve always respected it because of its place in the realm of metal and rock as well as being the source of many great acts over the decades. 462 more words


Entry 0111: Black Coffee, Part One

LP: Queens of Noise by the Runaways

1977 Mercury Records SRM 1-1126

Favorite Track: Queens of Noise

The laser snake surged with potential energy, its purple scales pulsing with biofed power. 412 more words


25 years of L7's Bricks are Heavy

L7’s Bricks are Heavy came out twenty-five years  ago today in 1992, the same year that I became a teenager. Needless to say, when I first heard the Los Angeles based quartet they were a goddamn revelation; my Midwest-living, Catholic school-attending ignorant ass didn’t even realize that women who liked heavy music existed, let alone women who… 425 more words