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DIYFS - Greyscale Records

Have you ever wondered why some bands go unnoticed or unsigned despite your firm belief that they are actually freaking awesome and deserving of some kind of leg –up? 856 more words


Skinny Lister: The Devil, The Heart, The Fight

Londoners Skinny Lister beat the listener into smiling submission; it’s impossible not to find something to like or a toe to tap on this raucous and lively album. 153 more words


Paper Thin - Paper Thin EP (2016) Lost Boy Records

Honesty, humor and realness ooze from this EP by Spencer Scott and co. 544 more words


Martha: Blisters In the Pit Of My Heart

We call this punk because they do, but it’s as much indie as punk, and it’s rather marvellous. Hailing from the splendidly named hamlet of Pity Me (either a shortening of something like Petit Mere or an ironic name for an agriculturally barren area), Martha play a kind of indie emo punk. 101 more words

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Green Day back with 'BANG BANG'

Pop-punk icons Green Day have released this new single ‘BANG BANG’ and it’s an epic roller-coaster ride. An upcoming album is in the works.


Sertari - Interview

1 – When did you first get into music? What or who inspired you?

I grew up with some kids – The Kerwins – who were cousins with the punk band The Misfits. 142 more words