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Ms. Mohammad - a new punk goddess?

Ms. Mohammed has very effectively and elegantly carved her own brand of female led ‘island punk’ in a very short space of time. She likens herself to Grace Jones & PJ Harvey, which is evident in her empowered, goddess/ vampire like image and punk fuelled drive. 246 more words


Cold Reading - Fractures & Fragments

“Switzerland quartet Cold Reading
aren’t like other emo bands.
For starters, they smile in all their promo shots. Secondly, their brand of emo – while carrying many of the emotionally-wrought hallmarks laid down by their 90s predecessors – repositions the genre to carry a gentle optimism at its core.

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Homerik... more like HOMEROCK!

It’s not every day a band writes about Ancient Egyption curses is it? Well prepare yourself for ‘Homerik’ and their debut self titled album.

The New York trio; Ken Candelas (The Mad Composer), Andrew Petriske (The Daemon), and Obed Gonzalez (The Gatherer) have spent the last three years bringing together their love of video game, film music and dark mythology with their love of bone shattering metal, to push the genre to a new dimension…. 245 more words



Having already sent Italian heads reeling with his concept album, “Phoney Music Entertainment”, Mr Punk is preparing to send his opus to UK ears on… 208 more words

Revolting Puppets - Introduction

” Lyrics:

The M-Pire. No one really remembers the exact day when they took over. It wasn’t a revolution over night, it was an ongoing process over years.

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Tau Cross - Pillar of Fire

 I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for a band that can mix a style that I like with one that I’m not very fond of. I really like heavy metal but punk I’ve always been a little shaky about, yet it’s bands like Tau Cross that renew my interest in punk and my love for heavy metal. 497 more words