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Ari Up, The Slits and Sexism in the '70s

If you read or watch interviews with members of The Slits, it’s obvious that they used to get a bit of hassle from men. This includes being told that they couldn’t play properly, being taken for prostitutes when walking down the street and having to argue vociferously with the business guys to keep control of their own image and music. 704 more words

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Lesley Woods

Two years ago, London barrister Lesley Woods said this to The Guardian newspaper:

“I still muck about with music, but I wished I’d paid more heed to that particular itch about five or 10 years ago. 480 more words

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A Punk Rock Murder Mystery

On the 12th of October 1978, Nancy Spungen made her final dramatic exit through the front doors of the Chelsea Hotel, not in her usual rock chick garb, but in a body bag strapped onto a gurney. 880 more words

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Remain In Light

Originally titled “Melody Attack” and released 38 years ago this week, “Remain in Light” was the fourth studio album by  Talking Heads. Before recording had even started, Byrne was suffering writers block, and the rhythm section had de-camped to the Caribbean to focus on both their marriage and their future in the band. 502 more words

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Pearl Harbour - Combat Rocker

Punk girls come from all walks. Some from the cities, some from small towns and some who might have grown up on a military base in Germany with four older brothers. 510 more words

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Siouxsie and the New Tribalism

Punk rock and punk fashion started flirting with tribalism from the get go. Punk was the sound of the new, it was hard and heavy, yet the feelings it stirred were utterly primal. 489 more words

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Stiff Girls#3 - Rachel Sweet

Rachel Sweet Palmer was born in the town of Akron, in the state of Ohio – the same place as Chrissie Hynde.

Something of a child singing sensation, Rachel was recording music for use in commercials from the age of six, and performed as the opening act for Bill Cosby in Las Vegas when she was twelve. 442 more words

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