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What Made Me a Punk Girl #1 - Mum

for Margaret Miller 16.9.38 – 13.1.19

Mums come in all varieties. The old order of things was disrupted by the second world war, where women like my grandmother learned to drive, to manage offices and factories or to fix and engineer things. 474 more words


Punk Songs for Solace

The dictionary definition of solace is:

“Comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or sadness.”

I’m reading Viv Albertine’s excellent memoir ‘To Throw Away Unopened… 325 more words

Punk Girls

Punk - From Youth to Old Age

Today Patti Smith is 72. That’s a great age to be when you have also lived fast.

At one time, punk was a youth movement. Punks had baby faces, with smooth skin or zits, they were skinny and full of naive positivity. 401 more words


The UNF*CKABLES - a pgd exclusive pt 1

In the period after punk, and before the shiny new face of 1980s pop poked through the debris, the post punk bands were still making up the rules as they went along. 1,976 more words


Bjork and the Icelandic Punk Scene

It was not until 1986 that I first heard Bjork and The Sugarcubes, but her musical career goes back further than that, including being part of punk-influenced bands.  464 more words

Punk Girls

Fancy Rosy - Punksploitation anyone?

It is intriguing when a supposed punkgirl is impossible to trace. Imagine not being able to find out anything about Poly Styrene. Thankfully, there’s wikipedia, interviews, live footage and many songs to piece together who Poly Styrene was, and how she fitted into punk rock. 267 more words


It's Obvious - The Au Pairs

Post 1977, punk trundled along for a couple of years being shocking and fashionable, but then I heard The Au Pairs. They had the rhythmic doominess that had taken a grip of music as it hurled towards the 1980s, but they sang of feminism, sexism, Northern Ireland with the gusto of people’s poet Bob Dylan himself. 165 more words