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I Found It Funny

Big shout out to my fingers! I can always count on them!

Inspiration for Your Fall & Halloween Instagram Captions

Ah, fall! The most basic… I mean best time of year! Who am I kidding, fall is my fave season and I’ll proudly shout it from the leaf-covered rooftops. 592 more words


House it going?

Hey guys, House it going? ;)

Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me and my puns – mind your Manors. I have a feeling this post is going to be a real Home run. 955 more words


Hell unleashes in the form of puns.

What do you call it when a psychiatrist and a dentist rent a clinic?
A dental mental rental.

What do you call it when they feel serene? 73 more words


Fun with puns

I wanted to my Doodles a deeper dimension and how else to do that than with puns!
So here are the first two.

If you can think of more, let me know in the comments :) 19 more words