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Bait and Switch: Travel Style

When I decided to escape from winter, I coordinated events quickly not certain if I wanted a sit-on-the-beach-sipping-fruity-drinks kind of experience, a cram-in-as-many-things-as-you-can experience, or perhaps somewhere in between. 517 more words


Punta Arenas- my first stop in PATAGONIA!!!!

After a truly awful bus ride from Arica to Santiago, I found myself in the capital city of Chile in perfect time for my flight the following morning. 1,355 more words

I haven't turned into a Popsicle yet.

This global transportation bottleneck some 600 miles wide marks the convergence of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern Oceans. Its volatility, where the waves, winds, and currents all seemingly conspire against any intrepid adventurers, is due to the Drake’s position as a zone of climactic transition; the Passage divides the the cool, sub-polar conditions of the southernmost bits of South America from the frigid, polar regions of Antarctica.

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The Journey

*Disclaimer: This is a really long blog post!*

Day 1:

Houston, Texas (HOU) –> Dallas, Texas (DFW)

I left Texas with a heavy heart after telling my favorite little fish at work goodbye and hugging my family tight. 4,034 more words


For the love of the game on the edge of the world

It’s often said that sport only exists before of its fans – but rarely is that as literally true as in Chile’s small but vibrant ice hockey community. 929 more words

Ice Hockey


Antarctica was the ultimate power add-on to my Patagonia trip. And it was epic. Penguins. Seals. Snow all summer. Daylight all night. It was an amazing experience. 2,369 more words

South America

Chile: Torres del Paine

The W Trek in Patagonia has been on my list for years and exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The rugged snow-capped mountains, the vivid shades of blues and greens, the remote unplugged location, the cool laid back attitude of the backpackers and guides, the joy of being outdoors, and the exhilaration of physical fatigue at the end of the day … if you’ve even thought about going, book your ticket now and just go.  2,254 more words