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Southern Chile - Part I of South America, April 10-18

Ross and I left Pittsburgh, PA at 7AM on April 10th and we arrived in Santiago, Chile at 3AM on April 11th. Two layovers and 20 hours of travel later we arrived in South America, only to find that our bags had not arrived with us. 1,857 more words

Trip Updates

The cutest penguins I ever saw

But before telling that story let me tell you that I already saw thousands of penguins in Antarctica (from three species: Chinstrap, Adelie and Gentoo) before going to see more at Bahia Inutil, close to Punta Arenas. 1,126 more words

South America

Growing wild

I think I can reveal a little bit of the results of our recent fieldwork trip to southern Chile. I think I will have to in any case, cause what we saw is too fascinating to keep silent about it here. 228 more words



I went to Punta Arenas for two reasons: to catch a flight to Puerto Montt and thus skip a 36 hour busride – and to see the Pengüinos (spanish for Penguins) on Magdalena Island! 49 more words


Where in Chile?

You probably already know what I’ll be doing in Chile, but I can now tell you roughly where I’ll be going! After my orientation in Santiago I’ll be hopping on an internal flight to Punta Arenas to get to the Region of Magallanes!  382 more words


From winter to autumn... to summer!

You will remember the dreadfull weather conditions at our field sites from one week ago and this post. You might also recall the beautiful autumn that followed these 40 centimeters of fresh and beautiful snow ( 227 more words


The graveyard

On our way south from Punta Arenas to the most beautiful of our mountain gradients, we drive along the beautiful coast of the street of Magellan. 240 more words