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Scenes From Camp

While I was away at a writer’s retreat last weekend, Snaps went to stay with his beloved step-parents Jen and Chuck and his brothers Finn and Yoki. 79 more words



The other day, Snaps was talking to me from the front door where it leads into the kitchen. Generally when he does that, it means there’s fairly urgent need of a walk, so I hastened in and saw the following progression of events: … 86 more words


Preparing a "Lost Dog" Poster Before You Lose Your Dog

I’ve based this post on one that I read some time ago, but now can’t find the original post to link to / reference. If I find it again I’ll update the post. 287 more words


Underpants Gnomes

I was really beginning to believe that my house had underpants gnomes, because all of a Certain Kind Of Garment have been disappearing steadily over the past week or so. 92 more words

A Day In The Life


Well, today I tried a grand experiment and gave Snaps his bath in the kitchen sink, because it’s easier for me (less leaning and kneeling), and it has a sprayer (not having to wait for the cup I use to fill up repeatedly). 213 more words


A Day Of Snaps

It’s been bitter cold here today – single or teen temperatures (F), with the windchill in the negative all day. There was great resistance to getting up this morning, even compared to his normal resistance to getting up. 354 more words