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To move without movingĀ 

Snaps keeps wiggling over in between snoozes, to see if he can get close enough to lay a paw on my leg without actually having to move. 29 more words


When Things Got Seriously Creepy At Snaps' House

Last week, Snaps was full of it. I mean, seriously-as-in-digging-mom’s-rosebush-and-escaping-the-fence-more-than-once full of it. More about that will follow.

But the truly disturbing and disgusting thing that happened yesterday morning was this: we were sitting on mom and dad’s patio, and I was petting Snaps, and I found a tick on his paw. 302 more words

A Day In The Life

In Disgrace

Somebody got caught digging in the garden, and had his paws thoroughly washed (which he hates) and is having to stay indoors.

He’s certainly full of the dickens this week!


Snaps, Master Garden Assistant

It’s been a long day of gardening here, and Snaps has been aiding in the effort. When I say “aiding”, I mean he tasted the oregano and basil plants, rolled in the leftover dirt, and nosed into every plant as I was placing it. 31 more words


Yard help

Here’s Snaps, helping me rake up dead leaves. I don’t know what I’d do without his assistance!


Dog Walker Jargon

My husband passed along a funny Ben Schott column from the NY Times. It’s about the slang that professional dog walkers often use. Here are a few samples. 125 more words