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Kobe's 6 Months!

Hi All, Kobe is 6 months old! I feel like it was just yesterday he was the size of a potato and well now he’s like the size of a football haha. 361 more words


PUPDATE | Ellie: 8 Weeks vs. 8 Months

It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we took Ellie home, but somehow it’s been six months!

I realised the other day that today would mark her 8 month birthday (Christmas puppy, aww), so I went back to read the blog post I wrote when we took her home at 8 weeks. 391 more words



Archie has made himself well and truly at home his favourite place was the rug. We had 2 matching rugs either end of the living room but we had to take them up as he was pulling little tufts of the fibres out and I don’t want him to swallow them plus I don’t want bald rugs . 349 more words

General Chat And A Few Rants Thrown In For Good Measure

(P)update 2017: #2

What’s better than one pup? It’s two! The day after RK22 gave birth, another reliable mother, RK30 also pupped. This one, we know, is a male. 12 more words

Happy First Birthday Biscuit & Cookie!

I can’t believe that I am actually saying this but my little boy turned 1 on Friday! Where did that time go? This time last year he was a newborn puppy and being hand fed by his breeder. 142 more words


Pupdate IV

Hello, hello, yes it’s been a very long blog-less time, I know. Unfortunately, my time has been filled with deadlines and a dissertation, all of which are  441 more words

One Year Pupdate

On Saturday 8th April 2017, Harley celebrated his first birthday! I can’t believe he’s now 1! Time has absolutely flown by! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were waiting for the news that his mum had started to give birth and we began to see tiny puppies! 456 more words