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1 Year Pupdate | DaisyMacxo

On Saturday 8th April 2017, Harley celebrated his first birthday! I can’t believe he’s now 1! Time has absolutely flown by! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were waiting for the news that his mum had started to give birth and we began to see tiny puppies! 456 more words


Another (p)update

So today we had the majority of our remaining pups jabbed for a second time. Now we can finally start getting them lead trained, socialised and worn out! 72 more words


6 Month Pupdate

Hello, me again, merry January and all that jazz. Today, from a dog free setting in Manchester (CRY), I bring to you a 6 month pupdate of the little meathead that goes by Martha. 307 more words

JJ's 9 Month 'Pupdate' |Blogmas Day 14

JJ turned 9 months old last month so actually he’s nearly 10 months now but I thought it would be nice to give you a little ‘pupdate’ on how he’s been getting on and what we are finding has changed over the last few months if any of you either have a puppy and need some reassurance or are planning to get one and want to know what you’re letting yourselves in for! 725 more words



So, you might remember I wrote a post about buying another puppy and I think the time has come to do a pupdate. Even though we only got her towards the end of September, anyone whose ever had a puppy will know that they grow at lightning speed. 125 more words

#4 Life: Pupdate (1)

As I’m typing this, Freddy is laying on the rug in front of me. He’s fast asleep and it’s just turning 6pm!

He’s been home for a week now and things are going great! 281 more words


Meet Martha

So I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, but if you do, it won’t be a secret that I just got another puppy! 381 more words