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Teacups and Chihuahuas

So lets get this straight, please.

Contrary to popular belief, Teacup Chihuahuas are not a thing. They never should be a thing and never will be a thing, unless of course some crazy breeder manages to breed a dog with a female teacup… 368 more words


REVIEW: Fin & Fur: Hollings Sprats

As you know from our previous posts, the doggies love natural fish based treats.

After spotting a pack of Sprats while on a trip in the fabulous little pet shop –  276 more words


Finally, it's happened

Snaps has been thinking about doing this for the better part of a month… He’d put one paw in, then look at me and fidget, then skulk around to the side of the flower box to try and catch some sun over there. 61 more words


Teaching Ruby To Swim

To Emsworth, to walk on the shore. Threw balls into the harbour as the tide was in and started to teach Ruby how to swim. She hasn’t quite gotten it yet but I think she will. 75 more words


Country Club Dog

Snaps is well aware that this sort of glamor is his due.


3 Years Today!

So it’s been three years today since I brought a seven month old Milo, then known as Percy, home.

He really is and always will be a huge part of my family and it feels like we were all meant to be together :-) 152 more words