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Well, today I tried a grand experiment and gave Snaps his bath in the kitchen sink, because it’s easier for me (less leaning and kneeling), and it has a sprayer (not having to wait for the cup I use to fill up repeatedly). 213 more words


A Day Of Snaps

It’s been bitter cold here today – single or teen temperatures (F), with the windchill in the negative all day. There was great resistance to getting up this morning, even compared to his normal resistance to getting up. 354 more words


Too early, Mama. Not ready yet.

This is as far out as Snaps will come this morning… I feel like it’s Ground-dog’s Day every day here. If Snaps sees his shadow, it means 20 more minutes of sleep time after he drags the blankets back over himself. 34 more words


Poor buddy.

Well, there’s good news and bad news: Snaps got a new toy yesterday…

…but also had some new treats, and I think they were too much for his system. 300 more words


Happy Birthday Niko!

Happy 1st Birthday Niko!

You are beautiful – and loving, and deep down you still are fierce. Though you can no longer see my face, and your body fails you time and time again I see you. 616 more words


The first "PUPDATE" of 2015...

This is almost too much cuteness!!!

These little cuties are available for adoption to approved homes.  We were told they were Australian Shepherd mixes.  Maybe?  We didn’t see the parents so we cannot be sure.   136 more words