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Snaps, Master Garden Assistant

It’s been a long day of gardening here, and Snaps has been aiding in the effort. When I say “aiding”, I mean he tasted the oregano and basil plants, rolled in the leftover dirt, and nosed into every plant as I was placing it. 31 more words


Yard help

Here’s Snaps, helping me rake up dead leaves. I don’t know what I’d do without his assistance!


Dog Walker Jargon

My husband passed along a funny Ben Schott column from the NY Times. It’s about the slang that professional dog walkers often use. Here are a few samples. 125 more words

OMG the cute

Snaps is sleep-thumping his tail happily, and I wanted you to know. <3


You don't say that everyday...

… Or at least I don’t. We can file today’s post under things I say that would be much weirder if I didn’t have a dog: 12 more words


Sunny day, happy boy.

This face. This.

Also, this is my 100th post!! Thank you to all who visit. <3