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So, you might remember I wrote a post about buying another puppy and I think the time has come to do a pupdate. Even though we only got her towards the end of September, anyone whose ever had a puppy will know that they grow at lightning speed. 125 more words

#4 Life: Pupdate (1)

As I’m typing this, Freddy is laying on the rug in front of me. He’s fast asleep and it’s just turning 6pm!

He’s been home for a week now and things are going great! 281 more words


Meet Martha

So I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, but if you do, it won’t be a secret that I just got another puppy! 381 more words

A Mini Pupdate...A Teaser Of What's To Come

So, admittedly, for the past four (WOW, 4) months I have neglected to nurture this little blog.  Though, I have done so for good reason.  There’s been A LOT going on in this little thing called life, and in most every spare moment we’ve been focused on family and a particular bucket ;) 77 more words

Canine Cancer Journey

(P)update #1

On Monday, May 23, 2016, the monk seal known as RK22 arrived at the beach and hauled her heavy body out of the surf. Less than two hours later, she gave birth to a healthy pup, known for now as PK2. 52 more words

On top of writing ...

It’s not enough that I have a book to edit as well as one to write from page one, I decided I need more challenges and got a puppy. 141 more words

About Me

Ruby Looses Her Ball, Finds it Again

One of our regular walks (almost daily while the wet weather has been about) is around Fort Fareham. Built to defend us from French invasion, it’s now a light industrial site and area for recreation. 66 more words