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Sew sew silly

From a couple days ago – I posted on FB but forgot to put it here. :}

“When you’ve got the serger all set up for your project, then run into the next room to grab your good scissors, and then you hear someone sewing in the next room but you’re the only one here SO IT MUST BE THE DOG and you run back NONONONOoooooooo” 12 more words


Feeling groovy

Oh, he is feeling better: well enough to sit in the flower box with a special friend. Hooray!



So last night, Snaps was in a fair amount of pain: hiding, didn’t want treats, no appetite, couldn’t climb the stairs. I slept part of the night on the floor so I could keep an arm in his kennel, where he seemed most comfortable. 102 more words


Pupdate #14 Daddy Daughter Time

Although Ava looks sweet and innocent, she actually really dislikes other dogs, including Milo sometimes… She hates them on her path on her walk, in… 151 more words


Wild turkey?

Look who was waiting for us on our walk just now. Holy schnikes, that is one big bird. Fortunately, Snaps’ Napoleon complex didn’t extend to attacking this one. lol



I just cannot get enough of this little guy. Though he doesn’t seem that little now. It feels like he’s grown so much already since we got him on 11 July. 149 more words

Border Terrier

Puppy birthday party!

Tonight we had a birthday party for Snaps and his good friend Fionn, and Yoki (the other small dog) got to party too, because that is how we roll. 18 more words