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Ruby Looses Her Ball, Finds it Again

One of our regular walks (almost daily while the wet weather has been about) is around Fort Fareham. Built to defend us from French invasion, it’s now a light industrial site and area for recreation. 66 more words


Happy Dogmass!!

Snaps is with friends while I’m in Florida for the holiday, and apparently he spent the whole day in the kitchen, helping cook. Then he had a turkey snack, then it was nap time. 45 more words


Things I never thought I'd hear...

Things I never thought I’d hear my mom say to my dog: “Quit eating your butt!”

Note: I never thought I’d hear this, but not because it doesn’t happen. 27 more words


Don't make me wake up

“Don’t make me wake up, Mom” – the Nov 15 edition


When the dog wants to snuggle...

What do you do when the dog wants to snuggle, and burrows his head deep into your armpit, and falls asleep there… Only to wake up with a tremendous and sloppy sneeze right into your armpit? 11 more words


Leaf it to Snappers

From today’s walk, in the sunshine and moderate warmth. It was delightful.


Not sure why

Was just getting this look from the dog; not sure why. Lol