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The top line

Freedom, or liberty, is the power or right to do as one wants. – Wikipedia

The biggest question for me is whether it is possible to be free in a first world with running water and a roof over our heads. 95 more words


Saying Good-Bye to Summer


When I used to think of Summer, I thought of boating on the lake and making our yearly trip to the beach. I thought of campfires and days trips and having all my children home under one roof. 1,292 more words

Short letter to the broken hearted

Dear Queen/King,

 I heard you’re going through a break up and finding a hard time with the situation and I’m sorry to hear that. You loved him/her, I know you did. 475 more words

Leading for Purpose

We all long for a sense of purpose. We want to know that our lives matter and we instinctively follow those who tap into this desire. 249 more words

Charles W. Gardner

Looks can be deceiving!

So me and the hubby went out Friday night to enjoy ourselves. Our first stop was this wine bar in which was very good. I’m not big into drinking, but hey we had no kids at home, so we took full advantage of a free night. 178 more words


Your existence...

When did you first become conscious of your own existence? Was it when you were thrust pass the pelvic bones of your mother and wisked away into the hands of unknown doctors and nurses? 358 more words