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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I have wanted to blog for more than a decade. I started a few over the past several years, but was so critical of myself and often thought, “Why would anyone start reading what I have to say about Life or my experiences?” Journaling has always been an outlet for me – in my journals I know I can really let it all out. 166 more words

Following Through

The Threat of Non-Being..

As I pulled out of a side road onto the main road that runs along the riverfront, I was met with the astonishing discovery that I was no longer in control of my own fate. 672 more words



So, day one of new me and I already hit a snag. I am committed to change. I am dissatisfied with the present and the future. 94 more words


Objectives, Purpose, Activity

I love Tony Robbins. He energizes me and makes me believe I can actually make lasting changes to my live.

When discussing healthy habits most people know what they need to do. 305 more words


Still a community

Today I attended a meeting downtown. My travels started off in traffic. Nothing new, yet still annoying. This route is not my everyday, so I just determined within myself to simply get over it and go with the flow and enjoy the moment. 306 more words


I wish death away...

Today I saw someone who I didn’t know if I would see again, when I last saw them. This angel has had stomach cancer, so her stomach had to be removed. 294 more words



Life is a constant ocean of waves- some will crash you to the ground,  while others will lift you higher than you ever thought was even possible (making those crashes that much more worth it😉) 94 more words