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Why I am involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast -- Shawn Tuma

“Why am I involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?”

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider. 573 more words

Prayer Breakfast

This just in: Every day, find what needs to be known

Over the past week, I’ve been trying something new. When I wake up, the first thing I do is read this quote: “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.” 113 more words


Meaning In Every Day

I live a great portion of my life waiting. Waiting for class to end. Waiting to get home for the afternoon so I can relax. Waiting to go see friends. 210 more words

Busyness with no purpose!

Often times people fall into the trap of, always having to be doing something. I totally agree with the quote which says, “A idle mind is the devils playground.” But, if you are simply making up stuff to do, you are not being productive. 167 more words


Stop Listening

There will always be haters. Those people who will always criticize everything you do. Rise above the noise and silence their voices. You will never make everyone happy all the time, so quit trying. 58 more words


You will be what you confess

So often I hear people say different things without any thought behind them. I listen and wonder to myself if they realize how powerful their words are. 212 more words


Choose your team

Not everyone is going to celebrate you and that is okay. Yes, it hurts but in reality sometimes the ones closest to you; whom you knew would be your “ride or die” end up being the one who hates on you. 141 more words