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Puppehs With A "Napoleon Complex"

Wikipedia: “Napoleon complex is a pejorative term describing a disproven psychological condition which is said to exist in people, both men and women, of short stature. 30 more words

Best Name Ever: And Then There Were Two

UPDATE 12:59pm PT: An hour to go, and…..Princess Potato has RE-TAKEN the lead. Who’s it gonna be?

OK folks, it’s looks like it’s down to these two guys. 42 more words

The Incredible Cuteness Of Chloe

Now THIS is the way to start a Monday morning, everyone. Meet Chloe, who is all of seven weeks old as of this past Friday! 38 more words

Only Four Months To Go

“I have no idea what Peggy wants when she makes this face. Maybe…she’s just wondering what kind of trouble she can stir up.” -Mary H.

"I'll Have A Chocolate Lab, Please."

Milo, four months old and lookin’ for trouble, from Imgur. 16 more words

The Many Two Modes Of Giroud

It’s really quite simple. Little G-Man here has two operating modes. Nighttime (above) and daytime (below.)

“Giroud the Mini Aussie, loving life in San Diego,” writes Tristan W.