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The Mechanical Waltz

The award-winning short The Mechanical Waltz by director and graphic designer Julien Dykmans tells the story of a puppet that does not seem to fit in, even though the strings that control his life demand that he join the rat race. 33 more words


Using a DE-Centralized (Master-Less) Puppet stack has its benefits for dynamic fast morphing environments.

Yet you’d still love to get all changes made to your environment recorded in a central repo. 51 more words

Strategy And IT (Information Technology)


The lion does not move another’s thoughts into another place as his own creation. Those are not the actions of a King, those are the actions of a puppet.


II: Sad

I: Sad

The shape obscuring the stars becomes more visible as I adjust to the silhouette. The tired yet piercing eyes of a stranger, all-observing and all-watching, move subtly, and he takes in my whole form. 734 more words


Let's micro web-scale something!

Alright!, let’s build upon a previous post. I did what is described on this post for an internal demo with my team and decided to share it here so you can run off and build cooler stuff based on this work. 974 more words


How to Manage Legacy servers using Puppet

I’ve been involved with puppet for a few years now and in my experience, when a company starts using puppet/puppet enterprise, they start developing their puppet code and testing it out until they’re ready to deploy. 347 more words