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puppet vmwaretools module 5.0.0

This is a major release of my Puppet module to deploy the VMware Tools Operating System Specific Packages. There is a backwards-incompatible change that necessitated the major version bump. 69 more words


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My, how lonely it must be at the top . . . no, really. It must be quite difficult for all the kings horses, and all the kings men, to successfully manipulate, deceive, and betray an entire nation. 54 more words

How to create/generate a new puppet module?

1. locate and go to puppet module path folder, for

eg.cd /etc/puppet/modules/

2. Type the command

puppet module generate sam-vagrant

(use this naming convention with a “-” in between)

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Puppet Quiz: What's wrong here?

The error is: Dependency cycle.

The code is:

class my::own::docker {
    include ::docker
    file { '/var/lib/docker':
        ensure => directory,
        before => Class['docker'],

Why? :) 18 more words


Customizing bash and vim for better git and puppet use

Welcome back to our Puppet series. I apologize for the extended hiatus and thank you for sticking around! As an added bonus, in addition to inlining files, I’m including links to the corresponding files and commits in my… 3,008 more words