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Happy Christmas from Frosty

Here is Frosty the Snowman, this number that was in our Christmas Shows in the 50s. He has also starred in other films. He is the snowman who nearly came to a sticky end earlier in the year, when I tried to wash him and all the old stuffing sent him the colour of mud. 70 more words

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Telegoon history in the making

Scraping the barrel for memories of ‘The Telegoons’ but as it is their anniversary on October 6th,  I was asked to write what I could still remember for ‘The Goon Show Preservation Society’ magazine. 441 more words

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'The Goon Show' - those mad Telegoons are at it again!

The Telegoons  – yes Major Bloodnok, Neddy Seagoon, Eccles, Bluebottle and others are at it again,  in this 1960’s episode called ‘The Canal’ –   It could be the episode for which I  personally knitted Neddy a nice warm scarf, not sure – it was after all a long time ago! 35 more words

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April alphabet challenge - T is for Telegoons

The Telegoons were based on the famous ‘Goon Show’ the films were made in the 60s and I have just found the pics, a script and a film to download. 235 more words

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Falling in love with shadows


There is something very appealing about shadows!

Shadow puppetry is popular all over the world and is often very intricate and complicated. This one is simple and was made to provide contrast in our marionette film about Alice in Wonderland… 77 more words

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Cindy Brown makes a comeback!

Miss Cindy Brown – in make up – in preparation for her new show!


Watch this Space!

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Boots for gnomes?

It was a bit a matter of divided loyalties today!  Should I stay in the make the boots I’d promised a disgruntled gnome, the one in blue of the left? 31 more words

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