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Puppy training tips!

I have some puppy tips to share today, in no particular order :)

1) Think outside the box!

As you’re probably tired of hearing, Raiden has very little patience, and teaching him a wait / stay cue is slow going. 1,202 more words


Say hi, brothers

Today we did intro work with the boys, shock horror.

For anybody who doesn’t know, Zoey royally screwed up our plans to have Rey and Kasper be happy with each other…whilst she was struggling with panic, she was very much grumpy and over-excited 24/7. 709 more words


A Golden Love

Sorry for the silence; I’ve been a bit under the weather this week. A weird time to come down with the flu, but so it goes. 77 more words


Yesterday's nightmare walk

I was busy posting about adopting a very sick Flair the hedgehog yesterday, so I didn’t have time to tell you about another fun (!) walk with Rey. 848 more words


Hellish walks

Had a serious walk from hell with Raiden today.

We had a really nice walk planned (mistake on a mild Saturday, right there) and almost immediately someone with a ESS started catching us. 355 more words


10 months old!!

Raiden has turned 10 months old today.

We can’t believe it either you little scruffball, where has that tiny, yappy little baldy pup gone?!

At 10 months Raiden is a gem of a dog, and he knows almost 30 different cues! 323 more words


Spring has sprung!

Our April is normally pretty chilly and very soggy, but not this year. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming…and as you can see, Aspen is loving it!!