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Training times

I’ve not been working on much specific with the pups atm, more just overall positive behaviours.

In age order ;)


6.5 years old

With Kasper I’m focusing on him not being a douche around the other dogs. 828 more words

Border Collie

What a day!

In a good way ;)

Firstly, the company I will be buying my CBD oil from sent a free sample, which arrived today…only it wasn’t just one free sample, it was two! 996 more words

Rescue Dog

Day 2 of Charley!

Had an amazing walk with Sasha and Charley this morning :)

We went on a massive hike to the beach, which could well have been Charley’s first beach walk! 506 more words

Rescue Dog

Charley's first day

Today has been Charley’s first day with us, although he has still only properly met Sasha!

He’s seen Kasper and had a brief Toller sniff, but slow and steady is the way forwards guys. 1,061 more words


When the shit keeps on coming

What crap days man.

Yesterday I found out my Grandad had had a stroke. Obviously, very much NOT good…

If it wasn’t for my partner and dogs I know I wouldn’t be functioning at all right now. 631 more words



Yesterday had an absolutely awful start, but after the first few hours it picked up and was actually a good day :)

We got some fun things arrive in the post, including glow in the dark stars, new patches for Sasha’s harness, new CBD oil and a Fidget Cube!! 495 more words


Huge fail with Tesco staff...

Tonight I braved the supermarket for the first time in months, since Sasha was about 14 weeks old.

(I haven’t properly been in a supermarket in almost a year, and only twice did I go in for a few minutes when Sasha was younger) 610 more words