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A 'feel better' walk

Awful day.

Finally managed to get out with the girls early evening (Toller being carried by my partner of course). Despite it being a sunny day the walk was really enjoyable, and I only had one seizure. 185 more words

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Another New Puppy

Oh! I love it when my friends get new puppies!

The roly poly blonde pup is going to another family

Are you going to be my mama?



An angry rant

Today had a really nice few hours where we sat in the garden and had such a nice time as a family, but there have been huge periods of time lost due to seizures and seizure rage. 306 more words

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Did you have a nice Purple Day?!

Purple Day is a day to raise awareness for epilepsy / seizure disorders, and today (26th March) is Purple Day!

Obligatory seizure info haha before we get to the fun dog stuff :) 629 more words

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Toller update - 2.5 weeks crate rest

I come bearing fantastic news…Spudder is doing GREAT :D

She has done 2.5 weeks of crate rest (so this counts as week 3) and she has… 157 more words

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Collie & Cattle Dog & Lab, oh my!

I don’t remember how much I’ve really, properly talked about Charley since he arrived…so this is a Charley post!

Charley was a bit of a state when he arrived. 629 more words


The saga of the vets continues...

Oh vets!

The vet cancelled on us twice (well sort of, they did cancel once, and we thought they’d cancelled another time as they phoned us ahead of our appt. 371 more words

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