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Our Choice: Puppy-To-Be

We’ve made our decision. This long process of searching has finally come to an end. He’s ours now, and we are so excited to be welcoming him into our home when he’s 8 weeks old on May 7th! 177 more words

Life's Journey

Change In Puppy Plans... Big Time.

As my readers are well aware, I have been on a waiting list for a border collie puppy through a breeder in Tennessee.. I’ve been waiting and waiting and WAITING for the puppies to be born. 505 more words

Life's Journey

What Am I Thinking?

Let me just tell you how much I’ve been scrambling my brain these past two weeks with this whole puppy situation. The litter that my name is on (that was supposed to be due the second week of April) is still NOT BORN YET. 476 more words

Life's Journey

Say hello to my little (furry) friend.

This week flew by. I’m not sure where the time, or sleep went for that matter. I haven’t been cooking much this week, or at all actually. 107 more words


Why I've Been MIA! 


My birthday was on the 5th of April and my parents gave me money for it, which I used to get a puppy! 115 more words


How to socialize your new Boston, right now.

Meet Moose (pictured above). We finally chose! The struggle was real, people. If you read my post about choosing the right pup for you, you’ll know that choosing is not easy, especially from hundreds of miles away. 679 more words

Adventures Of Moose