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KPuppy Diary: Vaccinations

Today I’m having my 2nd injections so in a week I can start going on the mysterious ‘walkies’. The vet also says I can meet other doggies who’ve had their… 294 more words


Puppy Diary: Day 2

Today my Nanna and Grampy came to meet me. They are the first people I have met in my new house and they smell very interesting. 134 more words

Puppy Diary: Day 7

My favourite toy at the moment is Mr Beaver. I brought him into the garden today to play. I like it when Mummy makes him squeak and crackle! 234 more words


Puppy Diary: Sleeping Positions 

Being comfortable is very important, especially for a puppy. Mummy says my new positions never cease to amaze her. We will keep you posted on my new ones. 20 more words


Puppy diary: Training

Every day Mummy and me do a bit of training. It’s fun because I get a tiny bit of biscuit for being clever. Mummy says I’m a fast learner. 116 more words


Puppy Diary: Nicknames

My name is Rollo, as in King Rollo the children’s character or Viking Rollo Duke of Normany but I’m not always called that. This is a list of things I’m called that aren’t my real name. 32 more words


National Dog Day!

So I totally forgot to share my pup yesterday for national dog day.. Well here’s my lovebug. Her name is Rocsi. She’s totally my bestie! 6 more words