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We're there!!

At this point I would say Kasper has successfully integrated with the girls :)

He still needs management, but that’s Kasper all over, he needs management with everything hahaha!   215 more words

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Adventures adventures

We’ve been having a rough time lately, so yesterday we decided to try for a day trip and hopefully have a nice time.

We took a 15 minute bus ride to a village me and my partner had never been to before. 499 more words


Training trip, first snow & treatment

Today’s been a really difficult day with mah-hou-ssive bad points, but there have been some positives.

We had a public access training trip to a museum today. 325 more words

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We're almost there!

Kasper is doing so, so good with the girls :)

He absolutely loves Toller, they are a perfect match.

Kasper likes puppies that are small, they don’t threaten him at all and he puts up with so much shit from them haha. 397 more words

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Puppy fashion

Before I write this I want to get something out the way.

Raiden has been poorly recently and is undergoing investigative things at the vet. We should know more this Thursday. 376 more words


Kasper's training / intro update!

Firstly let me say my seizures have been awful today and as a result I have all the symptoms of dissociating and feel physically unwell too, so forgive me if this post doesn’t read well or is jumbled! 823 more words


It's sooo cold!

Woah, where did these temperatures come from?!

After almost the warmest Christmas on record, suddenly the temps have dropped. Today it was 0*C, and the world was coated with frost. 671 more words

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