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So you know how in the last blog I mentioned that Nyx’s ears have begun to stand these past few days, but really only on walks? 158 more words

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Thank you Mr Postie!

Had a really, really awesome experience on Nyx’s walk today!

Two postmen got out of their van on the opposite side of the road, and one walked over to us and called “Is that a Whippet puppy?” 683 more words

Rescue Dog

Impulse control around food

When Nyx first came she was a timid, nervy little girl.

When we ate and she caught our eye, she would immediately cower and look away. 118 more words


Nyx makes friends!

Nyx has learned a lot about the world today, and we have experienced a lot of new things together.

First she slept in her crate for the first timeĀ  592 more words

Dog Training

Crate training update

Every day we leave Nyx in her crate with the door shut at least once.

Always this is when she is utterly exhausted, and she goes in there with lots of toys (chew toys, ropes, stuffed toys, and at least one puzzle feeder). 375 more words



Classes offered at Ccabtc.


A day trip for Nyx

Right now, Nyx is probably between 13 and 15 weeks old.

She has had a terrible start to life, and a puppy’s optimum period of socialisation end at around 14-16 weeks old. 737 more words