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So, this happened two weeks ago:

And we shall call him Scratty aka Scratticus Rex, Sir Scratalot, Pupsicle, Puparoo!

Border Terrier

The best thing about having a dog is both the amount of love and loyalty they show you and also the all the new lessons they teach you and experiences they give you.


Week 6 + 7

>_< Time is not my friend!! I’m catching up for weeks 6 + 7 because my schedule has just been too busy. I’ll jump straight into it! 239 more words


I think it's Puppy love

This week is moving at a glacial pace. seriously. I cannot wait until the weekend so I can spend all my time playing with hubby and I’s new puppy! 591 more words


Björn through the seasons. His first winter (2014)

I have tons of pictures of Björn and I decided to make a little throwback.

These pictures are from his first winter. He was born November 28th 2013 and came home in February 2014, so he still had lots of snow to play with!! 70 more words