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A big day for a small dog!

This morning we planned to go out again, as the weather was nice and I was feeling good.

(I’ve just had a cluster of seizures and banged my head, so this might be disjointed or weird or whatever, but I just want to plow through it and finish so bear with me!) 312 more words


Sunny evening mega-hike

We had plans today to get the bus to the garden centre with Mojo, and walk back along the shore.

I took Sasha out for a run before we planned to leave, and had lunch when we got back. 626 more words

Rescue Dog

A big day out & much good luck!

We’ve had an awesome and crazy-lucky day today.

We woke up this morning saying we should go out somewhere, and decided to get the bus to a beach and walk along the shore to the village where my partner’s parents live. 378 more words


Yesterday adventures

Last night Boo & Sasha enjoyed a walk together.

Kaser blew his recall off within the first five minutes of being off lead (his recall is perfect, until it’s not ;) ). 369 more words


Mojo's town trip

I don’t remember what I have and haven’t posted, what with being ill and having increased seizures….so I’m just gonna write about Mojo’s trip into town from a few days ago. 667 more words

Rescue Dog

4th of July at the Lake

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July holiday!


Carnival Day

Big thank you to anybody that voted for me in the art competition, becauseĀ I won!!! I’ve never entered a competition before, so that was super cool :) 641 more words