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What to do when bringing home a new puppy

We brought home a new puppy on Saturday night! I’ve been really busy preparing for it, and also have been going through a rough patch, so took a break from writing. 2,466 more words

8 Weeks

The puppies have opened their eyes and ears!

Right on schedule, the puppies have begun to open their eyes and ears to see and hear their world for the first time! They are officially two weeks old today. More pics below!


The puppies are getting plump!

It looks like Mama Mimi is doing a great job with her pups. Look how much rounder they all are. They’ve all been getting plenty to eat, which they’ll need once they start walking in a week and a half. 29 more words



Lazy Zues is pointing to something.  Or maybe his ears go back and forth like windshield wipers and they are at the end of their arc, so the ends flopped over. 13 more words

Pit Bulls

That is some professional snuggling!

It looks like one lucky pup found the perfect snuggle sweet spot!


Meet the Parents, Mimmi and Freddy...

  Say a quick hello to the parents of our future Boston Terrier family member. Directly above and below is the mama, Mimmi. The last two pics show Freddy the father. 11 more words


Awesome Find of the Week: Pet Mart

Hey there all pet lovers in the South! Check out this awesome service I have tried last weekend. Let me share my story —

So I know some of you have already met Sachi — my adorable Labrakita (half-Labrador, half-Akita)! 181 more words

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