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Toller update - 2.5 weeks crate rest

I come bearing fantastic news…Spudder is doing GREAT :D

She has done 2.5 weeks of crate rest (so this counts as week 3) and she has… 157 more words

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Collie & Cattle Dog & Lab, oh my!

I don’t remember how much I’ve really, properly talked about Charley since he arrived…so this is a Charley post!

Charley was a bit of a state when he arrived. 629 more words


The saga of the vets continues...

Oh vets!

The vet cancelled on us twice (well sort of, they did cancel once, and we thought they’d cancelled another time as they phoned us ahead of our appt. 371 more words

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Top Collar Dog Treat subscription box review

Top collar reached out to me recently on Instagram (@crazyinky) and offered me a free box.

They had a deal going where you can have a free box if you pay for £1 postage, and after that you are automatically signed up for heir monthly (or twice monthly) boxes until you cancel. 670 more words

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Please share Spud's Go Fund Me!

If you can splatter this link anywhere and everywhere that would be really helpful:


In a couple hours we have a vet appt to have Toller re-splinted, but we will not be discussing amputation then as we don’t know which vet it will be. 603 more words

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Please share Toller's go fund me

Hey all.

Well, Toller’s splint JUST FELL OFF. I kid you not, she was lying in my partner’s arms, still other than her jaws chewing a nylabone, and the splint plopped off into my lap. 269 more words


The wait is killing me

We were so happy after dropping Toller off.

She was GREAT at the vets and was so happy to see the staff. The vet was amazing with her and it was just going really well…the vet suspected a tiny bone fracture in her foot, a broken toe or bad tissue damage, and said she didn’t even really need to do an x-ray, but we said she might as well to be sure what we were dealing with. 188 more words

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