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Sasha 17 week old update!

I’ve been reading an amazing book recently: Controlled Unleashed (The Puppy Program)

I am not exaggerating when I say this has already become my favourite dog training book that I have ever read. 2,006 more words

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Beautiful photos, beautiful walk

We had another adventure today, albeit a smaller one!

Our friend was coming over today, so as Sasha had a UTI a few days ago, instead of taking her somewhere indoorsy I suggested we go check out this beautiful walk I discovered a while back. 377 more words


What happened today?

Tomorrow marks one solid week of having multiple seizures everyday, blegh.

Not only have the seizures affected my long term memory (I can no longer remember things such as the telephone number for my parents’ house, where I lived for seven years) but when I have lots of seizures in one day, I lose most if not all of my memories of the day too. 315 more words

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We had...a day out!!

For the first time in about 5 months, today we had a day trip today and left the village :)

We traveled by train to a nearby seasidey place, and had a beautiful walk on the beach. 443 more words

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Rollercoaster ride

Me and my partner were laughing at how stupid we are today.

Everyday we wake up feeling positive about the day ahead, and excited about what we’ll do and how nice it’ll be…and by the end of every day we’re miserable and say “well that was another bad day, tomorrow will be better!” Definition of stupidity right there, we decided XD… 1,151 more words



Hey, I did good this year, I actually waited until November XD

We actually tried to put our tree up yesterday, and had the most hilarious start to the festive season ever. 672 more words


Fall Time Fun 

There is something so fun about new accessories during fall and winter. I never use to wear hats or beanies but now I love them! They are a really easy accessories to just add on last minute OR if you don’t feel like doing your hair…just throw on a cute hat! 128 more words