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Puppy Power! Part Two - Settling In

In Part One of our three posts dedicated to puppies, we discussed choosing a puppy and looked at the first eight weeks of a puppy’s life. 1,135 more words

Dog Nutrition & Health

Hello world!

My name is Mandy Maidment and I live dogs! My main job and passion is as dog nutrionist and director at the raw dog food company Wolf Tucker. 135 more words


Doggy Treats

If you have a dog who gives you the ‘awww come pet me’ look always and you just cannot stop from giving her little treats, these home baked treats are perfect ! 196 more words

Helpful Puppy Facts

By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you’re adopting a puppy, here are a few helpful facts to know.

Puppies need a lot of time, love and attention. 200 more words

Watch + Listen

Tips for Getting the Basic Puppy Supplies

It can be rather exciting for families to get a pet into the household, especially if it is a puppy.  Puppies are lovely bundles of hairy joy, being so cute and adorable from head to tail.  500 more words


Messy Eaters

I snapped these pictures a few days ago after giving Faith’s puppies some puppy goulash. (Soaked puppy kibble with plain yogurt).

Since this is a bigger litter and the kids always seem to be ready to eat, I decided to help them out now with some extra groceries. 45 more words


Feeding Your Dog - Good Feeding Habits

We humans understand the purpose of good nutrition. We know that food plays a very important role in our lives. We eat for pleasure, for energy and to maintain our health. 1,476 more words

Weight Management