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PuppEX Tahr (Tahrpup 6.0) with kernel 3.19.1-PAE-puppex

NEWS 150309
A new version of PuppEX Tahr 32bit is ready. Kernel 3.19.1 is the latest available stable kernel from Kernel.org as of 150309. PuppEX uses the original Puppy Tahr Desktop. 143 more words


Proyecto Windows 98 (II)

Habíamos quedado con Windows 98 instalado, pero con grandes problemas de los drivers (controladores, para los fanáticos del Español).

Video de 640×480 con 16 colores, sin sonido, sin tarjeta de red… Y se podría pensar que conseguir los drivers para una computadora que tiene 15 años seria bastante complicado… 317 more words

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Puppy Linux is no Runt

Puppy Linux version 5.7.1 (Precise Puppy) worked well on the old Dell Dimension from 1998. It’s compact enough to run entirely on the old system’s 384 MB of RAM, doesn’t require installation, and instantly makes it much easier to work with USB media that the system wasn’t designed for. 31 more words

PuppEX Tahr 32 bit with kernel 3.18.2-PAE-puppex

PuppEX Tahr NEWS 150112
A new version of PuppEX Tahr Linux live cd 32 bit is ready. Most important changes: I’ve changed kernel from 3.14.20 to 3.18.2-PAE-puppex (latest) and installed NVIDIA Graphics driver… 69 more words


A "review" of PuppEX Tahr

I simply must cite a member of Puppy Linux Forum 141201: This is astonishing – outstanding even, boots fast and absolutely fly’s on my old X60 Thinkpad. 159 more words


A new (perfect) 3.17.0 kernel for Puppy Linux

I don’t know how useful this info is for the average Puppy Linux user is, but today I have compiled a new perfect (as I think) 3.17.0 kernel for my… 64 more words


Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux operating system is a lightweight Linux distribution that focuses on ease of use and minimal memory footprint. The entire system can be run from RAM with current versions generally taking up about 130 MB, allowing the boot medium to be removed after the operating system has started. 530 more words

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