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One book July- update


from my own space.

My summer has been rather chaotic so far. As I mentioned in my last post we just got a puppy, who is growing daily. 872 more words


Puppy Playtime!

What is cuter than puppies playing? Nothing! It brings a smile to the face to watch a bunch of furballs jumping around, mock fighting, and having fun. 1,472 more words

Dog Behavior

The ENS Exercises, The Notes? What's THAT all about?

In an earlier entry, back the first week the pups were born, I refer to the Early Neural Stimulation Exercises, and promised to talk about them in a little more detail.   775 more words

Photos from Friday July 22nd

Today was a day of big naps, and lots of nursing.  Yes, playing happened, but really it was mostly eating and sleeping.  And we all know what eating and sleeping leads to! 74 more words

Photo Flashback- July 6th, 1 day old

Day One

You know, I’d never seen brand new puppies before being there when Zen delivered this litter.  So, I took a LOT of photos.  Most were crummy, but I got a couple of really adorable ones.   210 more words

It's Been A Week... Bring On The Photos Already!

All right, so I talk a good game – the pups just had their two week birthday yesterday, and I promised scads and scads of photos and daily updates on their progress… and here I am, just trying to catch up. 161 more words

Where does the time go?

It is hard to believe Kazee is 8 1/2 months old already. Everything has not gone exactly to plan with my training goals, but when do plans work out that way? 719 more words