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Solutions For Motivating Yourself To Practice With Your Dog

You say you didn’t have time to practice or you couldn’t get yourself motivated to practice training your dog.

We’ve all been here. No, really even I have been.  935 more words


Dorset dog walk,

Since we got Duke, our Rhodesian ridgeback cross English mastiff, we have been exploring all the dog friendly sites of Dorset that we can. We have found quite a few wonderful places that are worth visiting; 497 more words


Lir Lionheart

On October 25th, a litter of Coolies was born at Killara Station, home of Canadian Cobar Coolies. It was a litter of ten puppies, five boys and five girls, born to Hunterslea Adelaide and CCC Tucker. 739 more words


Living with Lara

Meet Lara, a 12 week old German Shepherd pup that joined the household late last Tuesday. It’s hard to believe that She has only been here a week, it feels like she has been here ages. 1,013 more words

Dog Training

Trials & Frustrations of Dog Training

When training a puppy or a dog, it can get frustrating at times. You can have the smartest dog or the best behaved dog but there will be days in which you want to rip out your own hair. 615 more words

Dog Training

Tips for teething. Passing on the puppy secrets.

My pawrents were introduced to the secret by another puppy owner and have been passing it on ever since.  The secret of frozen carrots! There’re like the ice lollies of the doggy world. 116 more words

Dog Training

Ah yes, the cone of shame

Jax was finally neutered earlier this week so we’ve had to put him in a cone to avoid any licking/biting that could potentially damage his sutures. 194 more words