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I finally found a puppy school for Bolt and I must thank the trainer at Puppy Colors for helping me in my search. I emailed her to enquire about her prices but turned her down because it was out of my budget, nonetheless, she continued to offer advice on the type of school I should pick. 330 more words

Pet Ownership

Tests and Two Bag Gangsters

Bleurgh, what a miserable day. It’s grey and rainy outside, and I seem to have come down with something. Felt slightly off both Saturday and again yesterday, and this morning whatever-this-is seems to have properly hit me. 928 more words

Dog training

Real world experience: Trying to train your puppy. {Emphasis: Trying}

  1. Corner your puppy in a place that has no distractions. A plain white prison isolation cell is best if you have access to one.
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Chesney Goes to School!

For the past two Saturdays Chesney has been attending Puppy Basics preschool at the local SPCA! The goal of puppy class is to socialize your dog with other dogs, teach basic obedience, and have your puppy become an all around upstanding doggy citizen. 457 more words

Miniature Schnauzer

Why is Puppy Class So Important?

Congratulations! You’ve brought home a sweet little ball of fur to love for many years to come. He sure is cute, but oh boy, he can be a handful! 493 more words

Clicker Training

People ask, “How was your summer? What ya been up to of late, Dave?”

All I can think to say is,

“Well, I got married, it’s been crazy great.”

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