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Should You Play Tug-Of-War With Your Dog?

Tug-of-war is a game that all pups like to play. It engages their natural prey drive. Puppies will learn it without you having to “teach” it to them and they will play it together. 1,770 more words



Right now, if someone asked you “What are your current goals?” could you answer them?  You should be able to. It does not matter if the dog is an established competitor who already has his OTCH or if it is a younger dog in training. 607 more words


Adulting: Moving out and growing up…

This month Lorry and I moved into our temporary home with Lorry’s family until we figure out the next steps (i.e. figure out life). For Bagel this also meant a big change: two new canine roommates, Pixel and Milo. 584 more words

Swimming: Scary But Fun

I have a new friend named Zoe. She’s a rottie and I went to her house for a play date this morning because we now have to walk on leashes in the park. 173 more words

puppy training- ongoing project


Puppy training! WOW!  This is a big project. Some days I think YES we’ve got this, and then the next day pow back to basics.   1,304 more words


There isn’t much going on in our house in the afternoon. Most of the time Mommis is working, and there’s nothing to do so I like to take a nap. 45 more words

Puppy Training - COMPLETE!

That’s right, you heard me – COMPLETE!

Baxter graduated his 5 week puppy education class at Western Canadian Canine Academy on September 19, 2016.

There may not have been any formal test for graduating, but I can attest to his progress. 169 more words

Puppy Training