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Digging to China

By the time I get my fourth parvo shot and can go off the property I will have explored every inch of the backyard with Uncle Taylor and my big brother Sammy. 59 more words

Bike Rides Are a Canine Adventure!

At Kabler School For Dogs I love teaching clients with athletic dogs to safely bike together during private training courses. It is quite a thrill to look down at your best friend running in stride next to you while cruising on a path. 147 more words



I don’t know what to say about this. I don’t even remember doing it. But as Mommis points out, it didn’t get there by itself, some time during her yoga class while we were supposed to be playing outside.

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Planning for Puppy

My breeder picked my puppy out last week! I’m a pretty big planner, so I’ve been spending the last few days making sure I had as much sorted as possible planning for the puppy to come home! 259 more words


It has taken me a while to win these people I live with over to liking me. One of them, Tucker, still snaps at me. 139 more words

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New Puppy Required Reading

My current dog, Whitman, now 6 has been trained with various clicker methods, positive reinforcement, and the like.  We’ve been through ups and downs in our 6 year training history so far, and we’ve had the honor to have many patient and wonderful teachers. 110 more words

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A day trip for Nyx

Right now, Nyx is probably between 13 and 15 weeks old.

She has had a terrible start to life, and a puppy’s optimum period of socialisation end at around 14-16 weeks old. 737 more words