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Mojo's busiest walk

Mojo had the most training he’s ever had on a walk today – it was a big walk too!!

But of course he aced it, because that’s all he ever does :P… 251 more words

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Teaching Pip Not to be Frightened of Thunder

Pip made it to the ripe old age of 6 months before we had a decent thunderstorm (with hail in August).

I was fortunate that we were at home together and I had some training treats to hand. 233 more words

Puppy Training

How to train your puppy ?

In my last post, I have shared the reasons behind choosing Labrador, and one of those reasons was that they are easily trainable. When we got Jojo, she was 56+ days old puppy. 440 more words


Ritual humiliation aka puppy training

10.3.17  Last night was our second opportunity to find out what we’ve been doing wrong aka puppy class.  I was reprimanded for my poor choice in snacks once more, even though I’ve bought a whole variety of packets which all assure me how much my puppy will like them.  601 more words


Training the Ultimate “Crag Dog”

Zukes are my dogs favorite training treats. They’re small and stinky and the dogs love them. And the puppies are are loving them, too, as they are learning to hunt truffles. 28 more words



3.3.17 Puppy training last night was a watershed moment.  I think it was actually more about training us than training Lola.  I felt a mixture of shame (I had to confess that I was using dog biscuits as treats, rather than chicken or ham) and pride (Lola didn’t bark once and was very well behaved).  586 more words