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That's Mine!

 It is only natural for animals -humans included- to guard a resource (such as food or other objects deemed to be of importance). However, resource guarding in dogs can be problematic. 624 more words

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When Puppies Explode...

Dogs bark. I get it. It’s how they vocalize their opinion. It’s just that while outside Chesney has A LOT of opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect complete and utter silence from my trusty canine companion, it’s just that his bark is quite possibly the most startling sound ever to assault my ears. 863 more words


Every. Day.

Once we have had our puppies for a while, they start to turn into dogs. In fact, Lucy celebrated her first birthday last month. I thought it was a good time to look back at how her training has gone and to see if she has met all of those ideals I had before we even brought her home. 417 more words


Real Beds

It’s true that real beds are best, especially when you’ve worn yourself out trying to teach a puppy to be more like a cat.


A Conscious Struggle

Our dogs have jobs that they are expected to do, similar to assigning household chores to a child. Jana brings in the morning paper. Jana and Cali each bring me a shoe when we’re getting ready for a walk. 699 more words

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Born in Trust

Dogs and humans have walked toe to heel through the Bronze and Iron Ages. As humans organized and adapted to language, the division of labor and permanent social structures, dogs followed. 97 more words

Kabler Training is Healing for Daisy

When I first met Miniature Schnauzer Daisy she was a frightened and severely anxious dog. She would bark at common noises in the home with intense excitability to the point of nipping. 602 more words

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