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Breaking up is hard to do.

Hi Everyone!

I’ve put off writing this blog entry for a little while, because quite frankly it’s a little bit depressing.

I’ll try keep it light and jolly but here’s the tea… 560 more words

Bath Time

Splish splash!  My parents made me take a bath.  For some reason they didn’t like it when I dug in Yard because I got dirty.  After the tub and towel rub, they pretended to have forgotten how blond and fluffy I am.  325 more words


Expectations and Reality

Why do we dream of what is easy?

We don’t learn much when we go unchallenged, but success and predictability feel much more reinforcing in the moment. 1,037 more words


Oh My Mella <3 NEW PUPPY

Ive been wanting to sit down for a while and share the story of how this absolute angel came into my life and how she has brought so much love and light to my heart and life. 1,419 more words

Toffee's Puppy Journal Pre-ownership/Week 1:

I’m going to start the first week off with how we ended up with Toffee, and then the first week will follow that. After this week there won’t be day to day summaries unless something interesting happens, so instead there will be weekly summaries. 3,708 more words

Muzzle Myths

“Muzzles have done more to protect owners and their dogs than legislation”, quote by Dr Mugford.

A muzzle is not a bad thing… yes, that’s right lets say it again.  611 more words


Dog Training in US

Dog Training Tips for Puppies and Dogs

Thanks for joining us for dog training information in the US.

Dogs are a man’s best friend and that’s been the case for over thousands of years, since they were bred for human companionship. 491 more words

Dog Training