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Proper Potty Training

When we got our Coton de Tulear, I was ecstatic! “A cute baby puppy in our family? This is going to be great!!” But then I realized that I had never had a puppy before. 269 more words


Originally published April 17, 2013

Recently I have been talking to people about breed choice and where they live.  Everyone I talk to who doesn’t own a dog has strong opinions about having dogs in apartment buildings and an awful lot of shelters and rescues won’t adopt out unless you have a fenced yard.  1,249 more words



I am getting a lot of inquiries these days about teaching dogs and puppies to ring bells to ask to go out in the yard to toilet. 1,742 more words

Our first outing - and our first major challenge

Our first walks were disastrous. Not in the we-ate-some-people kind of disastrous but he was afraid of everything. Initially, I put a lot of it on “It’s a new place” and “He’s nine weeks old, cut him some slack” but there was a bit more to it. 457 more words

Australian Shepherd

Train Your Dog Effectively With Expert Dog Trainer

Training a dog helps by preventing certain behavioral problems that later would be really difficult to deal with. And one of the best ways of… 193 more words

Pet Training

Meet requests for others to treat your pets a certain way

I can’t help but to start off saying that I don’t believe there is a wrong or right way to train your pet. It is up to you to determine how you wish your dog to be trained and how they react to it as well as how they develop and learn to act in the real world. 616 more words

Puppy Adventure

A baby and a puppy? You must be mad.

When Oliver was just 6 months old and I bought a Dalmatian puppy, people thought I was mad. Heck even I thought I was a little mad. 570 more words