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Mena's training class adventures

So since Chantal and I have never trained a dog ourselves before we decided to sign up for a puppy training class at Petco. The trainer seems nice and rather competent and I realized after seeing the dogs there(5 other dogs, another joining next week) that Mena is not actually not as much of a handful as we previously thought, the only one other dog besides Mena knew sit, the one dog was not house trained after 5 months, the mini Schnauzer begged for food and would not stop. 535 more words


BOL (Bark Out Loud) - This Is the Year of the Puppy, not the Sheep

So much for The Year of the Sheep, it’s my year.  We celebrated Chinese New Year less than a week ago.  This little lamb didn’t make it.

The End!!!--Look! No Leashes!!

It’s ICY out there in them thar hills! Well, no hills, but the sidewalk? Yes! It was bad all day yesterday, and this morning, I knew it would be also. 1,434 more words

Reflections on being a dog-owning writer: The first day

That ‘never again’ moment has occurred. Again.

Yesterday we bought a new puppy. Doing so was a touch-and-go affair. I didn’t go into writing to get rich, I went into writing because it was something I’ve had an urge to do for most of my life but the so-called business of life got in the way until a few years ago. 2,469 more words


No Heat, New Security Lights

The night before last, I was fighting with the thermostat, thinking that’s why the heat felt like the AC was on. It was 3:30 in the morning, took out the puppies, came back in to change out more batteries. 991 more words

Diary of a Gun Dog: Episode 5 - Oscar the Teenager!

It’s been a busy month, with Oscar contracting a bout of kennel cough and trying out a new diet. He’s also now a junior dog and moving into the ‘teenage’ phase, which can potentially bring its own challenges to rearing a dog and is a classic time for rebellion and boundary pushing. 726 more words

Dog Nutrition & Health

'Sit'- Clicker Training

The video is a bit repetitive, but I really enjoy watching different techniques that have worked for others! I’m really starting to jump on board with the idea of clicker training. 19 more words