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Character Building

Elsie has always managed to gain admirers wherever she goes. Whether as a tiny pup, snuggled in a towel, experiencing the world in safe arms, or as a scrap of fur in an overstuffed tum, she has a way of winning praise and complements. 273 more words


Potty Training

Potty training puppies is very difficult and can get extremely frustrating. There are things that you can do to help ease the pain of training. I have posted a picture below that should help you control the house accidents. 322 more words


Dog Behaviour Class 3

Class learning

Again we covered two topics in this class;

Learning Theory

This covered all the scientific theory behind learning and methods of training such as classical and operant conditioning, desensitisation, reinforcement schedules, extinction etc. 282 more words

Dog Training

How to House Train a Puppy

Many people have high expectations when they first bring home a puppy. You anticipate the puppy’s warm snuggles, wet nose, and the joy and entertainment he brings to your family. 1,017 more words

Meet the neighbours

By chance, our next door neighbour got a new puppy within a week of us. A gorgeous chocolate Labrador called Bear. We both felt it essential that the dogs would get on so there would be no turf wars! 142 more words


How I Discipline

Now I know there are several opinions about how to discipline your dogs or kids (my dogs are my kids) I  have read several books, articles, magazines, and post about how to discipline your dogs. 351 more words


Activities for dogs

Do you feel like your dogs are bored when your not home or even when you are home? There are several activities that you can make to help keep your dog busy when you are home or not. 509 more words