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Today my puppy turns 4 months old!

Today my horrible German Shepherd puppy turns 4 months old! He’s finally teething and next week he’ll be graduating his puppy classes. I got the little jerk at a way too young age of 5.5 weeks old from an irresponsible breeder. 297 more words

Puppyhood: Nature vs. Nuture

“Whatcha in for, little man?”
“Being a puppy,” says Beau.

It’s a familiar story: people purchase a puppy expecting the adult characteristics of a dog in the canine version of a human toddler – only with super sharp teeth and without diapers! 392 more words

Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue

Training Territorial Dogs

All dogs have territorial tendencies that are completely normal. However, some behaviors can be dangerous or unacceptable and it’s important to correct these. If a dog is snipping, barking excessively or being aggressive it’s probably time to re-train. 357 more words


Training "Negatives" This Way Could Save Your Dog's Life

If you find yourself saying “no” or “don’t” to your dog as a frequent command, here’s something to think about.

It’s extremely difficult to train a “negative” – especially in the case of those pesky, persistent self-rewarding behaviors such as counter surfing. 805 more words

the four people you can become when you adopt an adorable dog

I brought Dorian, the cutest Boston Terrier, home a year and a half ago. He was just a little puppy at the time. 12 weeks old or so and my first dog. 1,393 more words

Let The Bells Ring Outside!

I just train my dogs to say “Excuse me, I would like to go outside now to pee.” Joking!!!

As a kid I was always amazed that Timmy could say whole long sentences to Lassie and Lassie would bark back an answer. 266 more words


Regulating Animal Behaviour & Training

The Rise Of The Problem

Anti-social canine behaviour has hit the headlines over the last few years and as a result many more people (dog owners or not) have become sensitive to the antics of our four-legged friends.  287 more words

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