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Tilly the Cockapoo

Our house cannot be complete without an animal, and we have been so sad since we lost our furry blue boy.  Knowing that he had only a few months to live, we had decided that we would have a dog not another cat, but I don’t think I’d fully realised just how sad I would feel when he finally went. 291 more words


Happy Feet.

I might have completed my transformation into THAT one dog mom. Teddy has new shoes, and it is the most precious slash funniest thing ever. You can see how happy he is with them in this photo. 470 more words

Medical School

I Made it to the Bed

I finally made the cut. You only get on Mommis’s bed when you can be trusted not to bite her or to pee on the bedspread. 49 more words

Golden Retriever

Myth busters / Buster's myths

Just a few common myths and misconceptions about dogs, some of which I took to be gospel myself until I did a little research.

1. A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s… 472 more words