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Finding Riley

So, this lovable creature came to live me with July 19.

Meet Riley. He’s a 3-4 month old boxer-lab-retriever mix. And he’s utterly adorable. 451 more words



Introducing my animal son, Taco Graham Bell. He's hardly 10 lbs, loves to cuddle, and has got a tough "mmmmmuff!" as an excuse for a bark. One of a kind.

Vote for Me

I am in a photo contest. I would really appreciate a vote from everyone so I can win! If you can help me out, please share with your friends and ask them to vote as well. 13 more words


July 20th, 2017 Training Log

I forgot to charge my camera, so none of today’s work was recorded.

Today we worked on more of the same (name games, nose touches, collar shaping, mat work, etc), but took it outside onto the porch and into the yard. 355 more words


Anxiety doesn't just affect humans...

Meet my furry friend Ruby. An anxious Pomeranian dog!

Yes, she’s very anxious! Around people and dogs that she is familiar with she’s a madam. However, she gets stressed if she hears unfamiliar noises, meets people she does not know and sometimes for no reason. 156 more words


Puppy triggered. 

And when my dad came to me this morning to tell me we can no longer keep our puppy, a part of me died inside. … 16 more words

Mental Health

Life Update


I’ve taken a break for the last month or two due to life taking over and now I finally feel ready to get back to blogging. 159 more words