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Pond - A Haiku

Magical forest
For a little, neat pond sneers
watching the puppy

Praise for Pond – A Haiku

“The juxtaposition of pond and puppy is truly inspired.” 44 more words


Duder got Neutered...

We took Duder through the wonderful time of getting neutered.  As the blonde likes to put it, he lost his balls.  (in fact, at one point she told me to chop them off and hang them from my truck)  After the procedure, one of my daughters asked me this question: “Dad, are you going to make a duder blog post about losing your balls? 189 more words


Raising a Puppy: My Best (Non-Expert) Tips

I am a dog mom and I’m an excited one! Raising a puppy has been such a joy and both my boyfriend and I have learned so much in a short amount of time. 1,483 more words


Haiku-A-Day #1393

Puppy wagging tail

Ears raised and head turned to side

Cuteness overload


Giving back and Sharing - Feeding Animals in Need.

The joy of giving and sharing is incomparable especially when its with Animals. Somehow people forget the animals on street due to their day to day personal worries and lack of time (although everyone have time to take out from routine) resulting in ignorance of animals in need. 141 more words

Some Social Responsibilities