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Did you wake up thanking God ?


I woke up this morning at three A.M. Thanking God for my five senses. My dog was laying between myself and my girlfriend. I pet my dog  and realized how wonderful it was to have a sense of feel. 508 more words


Another Glass of Wine Please

Do you ever sit down and think….. “What the hell am I doing?”

Yes.. Every.. Single.. Day.

Life is about finding your passion – your purpose. 357 more words


Mae of the Week: February 22

Our MOTW is Chepe taxista, José Dorián Alpizar, or Hodor to his friends. He likes leisurely, meandering drives through the city, and haranguing foreigners about Donald Trump. 43 more words

Costa Rica

Peddling In Crocs

Here’s this week’s cartoon for The Costa Rica Star.

I was reading a story how bicycling can be very dangerous in Costa Rica. It seems drivers don’t really care, or look out for cyclists. 153 more words

Costa Rica Trip, Day 14 - Our Final Day

Our final full day in Costa Rica dawned sunny and bright. We had breakfast in the restaurant upstairs and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

We decided we would go back to Playa Hermosa for the day. 476 more words


My last day working at the hostel!

I arrived in Costa Rica on November 30th, 2016. When I type this date, it seems like such a long time ago … it’s actually 76 days ago. 236 more words

Panamá, Puerto Viejo and more

February 14, 2017

I knew from the beginning that blogging would become more and more difficult as my weeks become busier. Some weeks are spent relaxing and laying outside on our ‘quad,’ while others are spent actually writing papers for art class (who knew I’d have to write papers in ART… ugh). 838 more words

Costa Rica