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Pura Vida: Lessons from Costa Rica

Mom Text I received this week: “Dad is giggling at the thought of u with a hammer lol”

Translation, Mom Text to English: “Dad is laughing at the idea of you with a hammer because you are probably the least handy person we know! 676 more words


Pura Vida!

Holaaa amigos y Pura Vida!!

2018 has already been a whirlwind of adventure but I am happy to say that as crazy as these first few months have been, I am finally settling in and starting an exciting, new journey. 281 more words


Costa Rican Gayday

I drew this cartoon last week for The Costa Rica Star.

Costa Rica’s uber-evangelical candidate Fabricio Alvarado’s team has stated being gay doesn’t mean a maybe-future Fabricio administration won’t hire you. 442 more words


Gracias para SWILLING conmigo! Learn more about how to SWILL inside..


Livin la Vida Pura

In Costa Rica, Pura Vida is the greeting- it’s used for ‘hello’ ‘goodbye’ ‘thanks’ ‘cheers’ etc etc. That is unless you are Diane, who started ziplining with ‘Vida Pura’ ✌🏻hahaha… 1,630 more words


Digital Communication Campaign-Proposal

There are many companies that say they give back to a one or multiple charities. Pura Vida is a company that not only sells products to make money but sells products and gives a portion of those proceeds as donation back to the charities it supports. 1,053 more words

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