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Violence in today’s world

Why are humans violent? We kill to protect our selves against violent aggressors. We do not kill for food; we have an endless supply of food in grocery stores. 369 more words


Stop Avoiding Dope Opportunities

If you know my family personally and have spent time on Instagram, you’ll understand how near and dear to my sister’s heart hiking is.

Which is why, during the entire six months that I’ve lived in this country, she’s often asked me why I haven’t been going off on nature treks of my own. 435 more words


Best of Central America: 1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica was our first destination. It was one of 5 countries in the Federal Republic of Central America – independence occurred on September 15th 1821. 1,543 more words

Enjoy Life!

How do you enjoy life? Are you a type “A” personality that has everything you accomplish drawn out for you? Do you put your appointments, things to do, vacations, plotted on a calendar in order of importance?Is your family always last on this list of importance? 730 more words


Costa Rica!

Since returning from Spain in June 2016, my travel-bug has been itching for some serious action. From the moment I first stepped off the plane, all I could tell anyone was that I would be right back across the Atlantic to teach with the auxiliares de conversación program come September 2017. 2,363 more words

Our Journey begins

Dreaming of the Pura Vida


Following our trip to Costa Rica about a year ago, my husband and I tried and tried to figure out how we could purchase and maintain a vacation property there. 803 more words

Becoming An Expat

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

We celebrated the inauguration of Costa Rica’s new president Carlos Alvarado (exiting times folks!) by taking advantage of the national holiday and heading to La Paz Waterfall Gardens… 374 more words

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