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I wish!

I wish I could travel and I did! The cover of my book fulfilled all my wishes. It is from the outside area of  La Bristo Restaurant on Lake Arenal. 427 more words


The Old Red-White and Blue

I am an Angry American who is tired of all the BS being spewed about our great American Flag. Are you not feeling the same way? 611 more words


Sun, Beach, and Quiet? Consider Samara!

“Where are all the tourists?”

It’s a question I asked myself throughout my stay in Samara, Costa Rica. Being accustomed to busy beach towns of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the peace and quiet struck me as strangely odd. 598 more words

Does the weather make you a hermit crab?

The storm rages on as the sun begins to rise over the eastern skies; a small break in the clouds and the sun peaks through producing a pretty rainbow in the showers. 499 more words


Costa Rica Choo-Choo

I drew this cartoon for The Costa Rica Star. I draw two cartoons a month for The Star. This was published last Monday. There’s a new one that was published Saturday and I’ll post that one here next weekend. 274 more words

Do you wish upon a Star?

I like a good rainbow, like the old Irish tale of a bucket of gold and leprechauns that protect their bundle at the end of a rainbow and you need to trick them to get their booty. 378 more words