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Hoping to meet her

As many of you read my blog the past couple of days you know what has happened.  Well, I have learned more about what happened all those years ago.  669 more words

Daily Life

A very emotional weekend

These past several days have had many ups and downs for me.  I have been overwhelmed with joy, then crying my eyes out, then overwhelmed with joy again.  2,148 more words

Daily Life

An Article by Jamie Lupia on Positive Capitalism

Voting With Your Dollar

This blog has been on a “better world” kick lately, so here is another push in that direction. I was once taught that when you spend money, you are casting a vote on what kind of world you support and believe in. 680 more words

From A Real Poet

20 August 2015

I came across a quote today that instantly shivered me from head to toe. The goose bumps came from a place of relatability and reflection. 172 more words


100 Happy Days: Week 9

I have really enjoyed this journey through the 100 Happy Days challenge and have really noticed that many things make me happy in life. Once your outlook changes, your life tends to change as well. 139 more words


Special Snowflake Syndrome - Tourists in Costa Rica

The retard we’re featuring today is not the only one like this; this is addressed to all of the tacky geniuses that go to Costa Rica and say “pura vida” way more than actual Costa Ricans do, and think they know all about “the Costa Rican way” because of it. 2,366 more words