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Hail! Bright Cecilia!

So goes Henry Purcell’s Ode to Saint Cecilia, whose feast day is celebrated today (22nd November). Purcell’s ode is perhaps one of the best known compositions written in honour of this patron saint of music. 354 more words

An update from a weary traveller

3.30 a.m. Skulking through the dark school grounds towards the front gate dragging boxes of djembe, conga, tom-tom and everything else bar the kitchen sink – we found our lovely spacious coach ready and waiting to take us to Gatwick! 180 more words


what's wrong with Dido?

I’ve been spending the entire week listening now to 2 versions of Purcell’s Dido, and finally decided to check on the text because, especially with E.Haïm’s version (previous post), the mood is so cheerful until when Dido shows up! 537 more words


01_Undoing Gender

From Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” to the women of Tarantino
From Don Giovanni to
“The feminine man” in the photography of Nir Arielis

Who am I? 254 more words

You, Us And The Project

'An earworm of the heart' - The Undercover Soundtrack, Katharine Grant

My guest this week says she would like to be able to play the piano to concert standard, but since she can’t, she uses words as her instrument of enthrallment. 100 more words

The Undercover Soundtrack

midweek music

must have! but i want the entire dvd session!!
nooo a cd won’t do! though it might :-), if the library has electronic version. 514 more words


Mr Turner: painter, paintings, movie

There is a scene in the first half hour of Mike Leigh’s recent film Mr Turner, juxtaposing the creative ambitions of amateurs and professionals. We see Timothy Spall as Turner, greeting a noble on his estate. 762 more words