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Why Do Others Find It So Hard To 'Adult' And I Don't?

For some reason, growing up and doing those ‘adult’ things never really seemed that scary to me.

I guess I’ve been lucky to grow up in Australia where the transition from young adult to adult is more fluid compared to say, America where there seems to be a clear distinction. 464 more words


I'm a buyer. Not a magician

The featureless stare of my manager. It conveys a mixture of disappointment, unhappiness¬†and it’s my cue to prepare for an interrogation.

What do you mean there’s a cost increase?¬† 684 more words


Book Sales: Being Patient

Please do not take this post as a plea for sales. I’m merely writing my thoughts.

So you’ve written your book and had it published. The hard part’s over right? 463 more words

Important message from the Supplier Inclusion Team

Are you aware of the recent revision to the Purchasing Policy that took effect last month, December 2016? One of the business improvements captured in the revised policy is the departmental ability to make one-time purchases up to $15,000, with three supporting written quotes. 359 more words

JUST RELEASED: Our exclusive 4th Quarter 2016 Elliman Report for the Manhattan Co-op & Condo Market

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the just released fourth quarter 2016 “Elliman Report: Manhattan Sales,” the leading resource on the state of the Manhattan sales market. 147 more words


Buy. Buy. Sell. Buy.

Buyer. Purchasing executive. Supply chain manager. Procurement officer. Direct. In-Direct. FMCG. Wholesale. Retail.

The list of words, and their associated adjectives, is endless to describe a profession, which myself and many others share. 796 more words


Backroads, bonfires, and pick-up trucks.

So now that I have a job, and have once again began making my own money, it’s hard not to ponder some items that I could potentially save long and hard for. 373 more words

Me, Myself And I