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The vendor never, ever wants a deal to slip into next quarter

You have been there too many times. You vendor is pestering you about getting the deal done before quarter end. You tell them it will be tough. 554 more words


Never, EVER, engage an attorney in an IT contract negotiation

Ok, maybe “never” is a tad extreme, but you should certainly limit the engagement of an attorney in a contract negotiation. Why? There are two main reasons: Cost and output. 738 more words


Explaining IT Vendor Linearity and the rule of 20/30/50

IT vendors live by the rule of 20/30/50. You may not have heard of it, but we can guarantee that you have lived it. This rule is what governs the day-to-day activities of sales management at virtually every information technology vendor. 613 more words


3 of the Best Ways to Create a Sustainable E-Commerce Strategy

Technology and sustainability are currently two of the most significant factors driving furniture industry trends. Now more than ever, consumers desire a retail experience that is convenient, intuitive, and as close to instantaneous as possible. 818 more words


Why do we need a purchasing department

One of the things I learned, during my work with purchasing managers and buyers, is that the purchasing department has a poor reputation. You can hear complains that they are just clerks that do not provide any assistance and support to the “troops in battle”. 956 more words

Locating Suppliers

Nggak Ada Supplier Yang Jelek

Nggak ada supplier yang jelek? Kamu pasti bercanda.

Untuk menjawab pertanyaan di atas, mari kita lihat bagaimana bagian pembelian memilih supplier. Bagian pembelian menggunakan banyak cara untuk memilih… 364 more words