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Countdown to purdah

Purdah (noun):

1. The practice in certain Muslim and Hindu societies of screening women from men or strangers, especially by means of a curtain.

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To vote or not to vote? The problem with the yoof

As violent political turbulence swirls across much of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the British political system finds itself increasingly at odds with its very own silent storm in a teacup. 999 more words

Social Issues

Liverpool Council tries to stop Campaigners attending tomorrow's open space meeting

I have just received an interesting e-mail from the City Council. I attach a copy of the e-mail and my response to it below.
The Council has called a meeting during a period known as ‘purdah’. 715 more words

Justice Delayed is Justice Saved

Dear Lord Chancellor,

Tomorrow the Court of Appeal deliver their judgment on the appeal brought by solicitors in respect of the Judicial Review into the Dual Contract process. 664 more words


Tales of the Committee - HS2 moves forward at pace

Following an intensive period of petition-based activity (including an action packed day for the Select Committee on Monday with an overspill to Committee Room 7 for the first time), now is an opportune moment to take stock of where we are – particularly given that the Committee is due to rise shortly in preparation for the General Election. 380 more words


Tanwar's Wife.

(Inspired by a story by Ellen Barry)

My husband is a bouncer in a nightclub in New Delhi.

His muscles crouch like tigers and he hasn’t any belly. 114 more words


PRO TIPS: Chuck Norris and Pre-Election Survival Tips for Comms People

Every year the swallows who nest in the eves of our house head off back on a flight
that lasts thousands of miles.

Nobody tells them to do it, but off they head travelling 200 miles a day with just the urge to head south. 1,002 more words