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General Elections, Article 50 and Dates

In case you weren’t aware, if there is a snap general election, then I will be a candidate fighting to win a seat. So I have a “slight” personal interest in the following. 213 more words


Chelsea: Then and Now

This story owes much to Bo Emp. He provided a lot of insights into how to bring Chelsea along the path to becoming a “black ghost.” These included both the change in her mindset (attending the class) and the gradual adoption of more concealing clothing. 8,746 more words


News Article: New trend in burqas sweeping the nation

New trend in burqas sweeping the nation

by Zaynab Omar
May 18, 2032

PESHAWAR – As we reported in our January edition, the re-emergence of the burqa has been one of the defining features of Pakistani fashion of late. 689 more words


Entwined Destinies

Entwined Destinies

by Dave Potter

This story is set in our world but it is our world with an alternative history. In the 16th century the Ottomans were not stopped at the gates of Vienna but instead swept through a Europe weakened from the Hundred Years War, conquering all before them including the Kingdom of Denmark. 4,764 more words



Sparkle means you have found what makes you tick and it is usually something that is immensly easy to share. It costs nothing and there is no debt. 496 more words

The Bad Indian Wife



There’s just no alternative. Or is there?


here’s a nice attractive lady for you—

—whom God in His infinite wisdom decided roughly fourteen thousand million years ago to have someone rape, then quite roughly terminate her, in accordance with His Holy doctrines. 131 more words