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The bespoke history of the Purdey Brand

Since 1814, James Purdey & Sons have been perfecting the art of the ‘Best’ London gun, making the finest-quality shotguns, rifles and shooting equipment. When a customer orders a hand-crafted Purdey gun, they are joining a tradition of gunmaking excellence that spans over two centuries. 12 more words

James Purdey & Sons of London

British Country Sports greatly appreciate the generous support provided by James Purdey & Son both in the field with an armoury of their best shotguns for our clients and with Long Room tours and informative talks at their HQ in Sth Audley St. 84 more words

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Purdey's PAWS Awards 2018

Well, greetings fellow fluffkins, and you are joining me here on the wind-swept shore of some weird place in western Scotland. I was teleported here a fortnight ago, without any formal consent, I might add, and totally without warning. 726 more words


James Purdey 2017 Season Opening Party

Chairman James Horne and his staff at James Purdey & Sons put on a fabulous cocktail party last evening at their famous Sth Audley St, Mayfair premises to celebrate the release of Purdey’s new range of clothing and accessories and the opening of the 2017 UK game bird shooting season.

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The waxed country coat 

My Purdey wax jacket. Well worn in. As it should be. If you buy a new wax jacket ( most people buy a Barbour ) ensure you arrange to have it run over by a tractor several times before appearing in public. 99 more words

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