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Tune in and Keep Tucking

Maybe mindfulness isn’t about finding quiet as much as it is about letting chaos do its thing.

I sit in the waiting room reading my tablet when this kid starts to talk. 344 more words

Pure Barre

When it comes to staying loyal to the good old workout routine it can be difficult to find motivation to get moving. Another day of the same treadmill, the same crunches, and the same swollen men grunting and panting as they bench more than your body weight wouldn’t get anyone psyched for their obligatory gym visit. 525 more words


The Illest

New Vlog about my eventful Friday.  Hope your weekend is off to a jazzier start than mine!

Raising the 'Barre'


I feel as if it is impossible to go somewhere without seeing a barre studio. I’ve seen girls who go to barre exercise classes and I can’t help but admire how fit they are. 580 more words


our weekend adventures


i had the busiest day at work so i just relaxed on the couch as soon as i got home. i’m hoping that work slows down soon, it’s been so hectic! 343 more words

Life & Stuff

Losing pounds and inches - the how and the why

I began the journey of trying to lose weight with the 21 day fix and Beachbody in April 2015. Note, this is when I became serious about it and not just wishing and hoping that my few days of exercise a week and faking my nutrition would make the difference.This was also the same month I was nearly killed in a car accident that was 100% the other driver’s fault (he blew through a stop sign into oncoming traffic on a highway).   543 more words


My Take On Healthy Habits

Since it’s still January, the month of resolutions and clean slates, I’m sure healthy habits are top of mind for many of y’all, and I can definitely relate. 1,607 more words

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