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I'm a Truck!

Living car free can pose a challenge when it comes to moving big heavy stuff. Actually, even living with a car still won’t help you move a couch. 174 more words

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters

Only at a Community Bike Shop

Last week, someone cut open the fence at BikeWorks North in the dark of night and made off with some bikes. It being a community bike shop run by a not for profit society, there isn’t much extra cash floating around for fence repairs.

Edmonton Bicycle Commuters

Plenty of Bikes

It’s obvious why any cyclist would be excited with the arrival of warmer weather (though it’s snowing again as I write this, but it’s a warm snow storm). 244 more words


Brown Xmas

With temperatures on Xmas morning at 7C and rising, I loaded up my bike for the journey to my parents’ place, who live outside of the city. 382 more words


Hauling Stuff

I have been working what seems like a tonne of events all over the city with Edmonton Bicycle Commuters lately, doing free mechanical checks on bikes. 94 more words


Hunting by Bike

On a sunny (Canadian) Thanksgiving day, I headed out on the new bike to my parents’ place outside of town, for a rather uneventful ride (no pictures because I was running really late). 178 more words


Hauling Foliage

Marjory Stewart Baxter, my 30 year old Raleigh, has become my bicycle of choice whenever I need to carry anything bigger than my purse. It’s not because she’s a great cargo bike, but because my Bike Bins don’t fit on my new bike’s rack, and I haven’t bothered taking the studded tire off of Ol’ Nelli (my way-more-suitable-for-hauling-shit winter bike), Marjory’s become my default workhorse for groceries and whatnot. 554 more words