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Yep... I'm going there. You coming?

As a yoga instructor, I have frequently fielded the question of yoga & religion.  If you do a quick sweep of the internet, you’ll find all sorts of fabulous mythology, editorials, and “thou shalt” commands. 451 more words

What is the sweet spot?

One of the basic tenets of Buddhism is the idea of walking the middle path in our life. Life is not entirely this or that, all action and no rest, total elation without sadness.  189 more words

Get off the "keep going" wagon

When we lose our connection with what lights us up or we discover our actions misaligned with our intention, it’s time for a self-audit pause.    That sounds easy, but it is in these moments that our mind screams “Keep Going.” 172 more words

Safety Is Sexy

The Safety Golden Rule of Yoga:  Foster a practice that leaves you feeling better at the end of practice than the beginning.  

Other guidelines for a happy, safe experience: 239 more words

Life laughs at the leashes we tether

We are in the midst of a relocation, and our moving company was supposed to arrive on Thursday of last week.  I handled the reschedule to Monday like a pro; especially given I had been sleeping on an air mattress for a week. 218 more words

Celebrate Not Knowing

The other day I was speaking with someone who expressed remorse they hadn’t discovered their purpose. They were unable to see anything unique about who they are and what they offer beyond the ordinary. 156 more words

Ellie Goulding Promotes Water; Monograms Make You Workout Harder

Everything wellness, from must-try classes to new athleisure lines. 

Find love on Amazon (and not through a romance novel): If you’re used to buying everything on Amazon, from guilty pleasure beach reads to snacks, you can now procure a significant other on the site. 191 more words