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The Pinnacle of Practice.

What if everything we do is a practice?  A practice of connection, alignment, and balancing effort with ease?  What if what we achieve is secondary to what we practice? 362 more words


  • Amaze:  In awe / overwhelmed with wonder.
  • A maze:  A winding, unknown, unpredictable journey from start to stop.

To quote my friend, Linzi, “Same, Same, but Different.” 153 more words

What does love breathe?

I am blessed to have parents who have been married almost 51 years.  As a married woman, I understand that love’s oxygen is a carefully woven blend of commitment, presence, and compassion. 193 more words

The heartbeat of expression

Did you know our heart has a magnetic field with more than a 3 foot radius?

In yoga, we think of our hearts as the center of our subtle body.   157 more words

The journey home

It is part of our human experience to lose our center; sometimes just a small step out of line & other times long, slow fades away from our truth. 234 more words

5 Things I Learned through 30 Days of Yoga

30 Days of Yoga sounded pretty manageable at first, especially for someone like me who was already practicing 4-5 times a week. I figured I’d have few days of sore muscles and a few days where I struggled to find the motivation to go but I was up for the challenge! 658 more words

30 Days Pure

The Duck and her iPhone Quagmire

This morning, my walk took me along a lake that appeared to be an endless landscape as the fog was obscuring the shore.  The geese and ducks floated while a resident loon soared across the horizon. 136 more words