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Quitters Sometimes Win

This week, I said no to a business invitation & I resigned from an advisory group and two non-profit boards.   I also removed myself from several meetings that would truly not be upgraded by my presence.    252 more words

Pure Yoga’s Zen Flow Class Will Take Your Chakras To The Next Level

Pure Yoga’s Upper West Side studio is a beautiful experience from the moment you walk through its front doors. It hits you with warm mood lighting and a spike in temperature to about 75 degrees. 467 more words


In a split second

I attended a memorial today for a beautiful spirit who left this planet at age 49.  His three children, wife, siblings, in-laws, and father stood grieving as people flooded in to support and love.   265 more words

Invent Adventure

I’ve come to realize that I’ve taken on, built in, said YES to so much in my life that finding space between the action required to support these responsibilities is a challenge.   453 more words

What's your gap?

Several years ago, I started a daily gratitude practice.  Each day seated in sacred space or foot on trail, I would reflect heart wide open on the blessings of my life.   372 more words

Week 31 - For a healthier body and mind, think PURE!

It’s common knowledge that in order to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle! There are many approaches to take but one that is both successful and readily available in Ottawa goes by the brand name of PURE! 1,433 more words