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Lotus Forms Viewer on Ubuntu?? I think so.

I just randomly managed to accomplish this today, but I know there’s many of you users out there that have been trying to get Lotus Forms Viewer working on your Linux systems.  465 more words


Network marketing - an overview

It’s a fact that network marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of entrepreneurship today. It’s also known as multi level marketing or MLM for short. 630 more words

3 general success steps - be constant in your efforts!

It’s so easy to get distracted. It’s easy to get discouraged and to allow thoughts of failure to enter into your head. It’s easy to let other people’s scorn affect you. 188 more words

Success University

Summer pins - the woes and the wows! Tip for the day

Yes it has been poring with rain but so we’re ready when the sun does come it to play, ‘Ladies we’ve got to attend to the legs and toes that have been buried under our woollies!’ (At least that’s relates to English readers and for those who are reading from distant shores, these handy tips will still be useful). 179 more words

3 general success steps - 2. Be willing to completely change your life!

Hmm… That comes down to one question really – Is there anything about the way you feel or think about yourself that will sabotage or get in the way of your success efforts and personal development? 169 more words

Passing Ships

I got a text message from my partner today. It went something like this, ‘Since we’ve been like passing ships for the last few days, do you want to meet for lunch’? 246 more words

3 general success steps - 1. Get away from the crowd at the bottom!

This can be quite a bitter pill to swallow! But lets face facts – the majority of people have failed to recognise or act upon their true potential. 168 more words