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Burn Baby - Total Body Workout! :)

So quick that lack of time is not an excuse! :) 


This is a quick workout I created for myself from adapting various workouts I’ve tried over the past couple of years.  80 more words


The D Word!

As the crazy Christmas season is fast approaching, que- the quick fix, fad diets all masked under titles like ‘Drop a Dress Size in 21 Days’ Shape up for Christmas’, ‘Get your body ready for the party season’ and whilst your head would be in a tizz just taking in all these ‘miracle solutions’ that will help you lose 3 stone, shed your cellulite and allow you to wear a strapless party dress that will blow everyone else’s out of the water, we must look at what is really going on here. 925 more words


Finding your balance

The importance of training and exercise has been well documented over the last 10 years especially in university studies and through the media. Often when we read things, I wonder how much of the information do we really take in and then put into practice. 858 more words


Food- friend or foe?

Since embarking on my Purefit6 journey almost 2 and a half weeks ago now, I have have learnt a great deal on how my body reacts to the food I put in. 536 more words


Maintaining your relationship with fitness

After a hectic few weeks of work, socializing and training, I have come to the realization that fitness needs to be treated like a relationship. It needs to be nurtured and developed and it needs your time and attention! 529 more words


To train or not to train.......TRAIN

It’s been all go lately here in ‘sunny’ Galway and one would not feel to out of sorts wanting to have a 5 hour nap on a Monday afternoon, however there is the small matter of work! 352 more words


To keep going on...

I often think how awful it is for a athlete or anyone really who loves training to get injured, when you are in a routine of training and suddenly when a bout of bad luck stops you in your tracks it can be very unnerving. 397 more words