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The Cruise: Part 1 - Washy Washy...Happy Happy!

Those words swim in my ears like so many fish heading upstream to spawn. Rolling around my head and spinning in my thoughts as if they could make a special dinner of every idea I ever had. 816 more words

Tim Braun

JoAnn's Purell® Mini Cart Wipe

I don’t think the cart wipes themselves are smaller, but the cart wipe station itself is. The fixtures is still a substantial, quality crafted item that offers… 382 more words

Store Fixtures

Purell® Catch Tray Built-in

Many retails have added the door- and comfort-room amenity of wipes and hand sanitizer, an addition my wife Margarit and I both applaud as OCPD… 262 more words

Store Fixtures

Protecting children from everything, teaching them nothing

My five-year-old niece got an iPad for Christmas. I don’t say this in a condemning way, she is entertained and even educated by a number of games she was already playing on my Dad’s iPad. 765 more words


Systems Purell 190402 Advanced Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer

As summer turns towards winter cold and flu seasons, businesses and individuals are turning more and more to purell hand sanitizer products to fight disease. Keeping hands germ free is an on-going task, but one that is made easier by the ready availability of… 252 more words



When’s the last time someone had to remind you to wash your hands after you used the bathroom? Were you five? Six? Do you even have to think about it after a lifetime of habit? 338 more words