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#2 post PURELL

*Originally written Jan. 5, 2016*

By the way, the purell here comes out in a foam form, so I got caught by staff hen they saw me licking my palms. 254 more words

Beginning again, yet again

It’s pathetic that my life, from the age of 16 on, has basically been split into two phases: Hilary-in-Recovery and Hilary-not-in-Recovery; Hilary in inpatient, Hilary in outpatient; Hilary fucked up, Hilary trying not to fuck up. 245 more words

The Preacher's Wife

When I was in high school, my father was asked to pastor a small mid-western church, so we dutifully packed up our lives and migrated. 697 more words


I Went to the State Fair

I find myself fighting through a sea of people as butter runs down my wrist. The air wreaks of a combination of funnel cake, grilled sausages, candy apples and well “carnies.” Dirty, dirty carnies talking a thousand miles an hour. 783 more words

Hand Sanitizer is a Necessary Evil

I hate labels. It’s an admittedly odd obsession of mine. If there’s a peel-able label on a stick of deodorant or a bottle of shampoo, I will find a way to get it off. 348 more words