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Running 'Round in Circles: The Me I Deserve to Be

You know when you’re close to hitting your step goal on your Fitbit but you’re already in your pajamas? What’s a gal to do??? Run around in circles in your living room, of course! 15 more words

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Running Up the Tally: Fighting TPTB

From time to time I get in a mind frame of really just not taking any BS. Sometimes I just want to make my point at work and be stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, or be stubborn because I know I’m right! 83 more words

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Running Out into the Warmth: All I Need is the Air that I Breathe

Tuesdays are notoriously terrible for me. For nearly 3 whole years it seems as though every Tuesday has been the pits. Scientifically, I think Tuesday’s are the worst. 281 more words

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Running Through My Mind: The Things that Could Have Been

I just got back from seeing Pitch Perfect 2. It wasn’t as great as the first, but what sequels are, really? The singing was still great and the dancing was fun and some of the clothes I want in my closet immediately. 104 more words

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Running to My Future Self: A Sweet Southern Belle

Today is my mom’s 60th birthday. That number is just so crazy to me! Not in a “I can’t imagine ever being that old!” sort of way, but in a “My mom looks NOTHING like 60!” sort of way. 96 more words

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Running Toward the Truth: The Things I'm OCD about 

  1. The fitted sheets on my bed must be straight before I fall asleep.
  2. The order in which I pump my gas (take the lid off, then insert credit card, then pump gas).
  3. 104 more words
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Running Through My Mind: Comparison is the thief of joy

So I’ve been trying to lose weight…and I mean really consciously trying, not like high school “I’m so fat I need to eat only salads” dieting. 210 more words

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