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Handy Portable Air Purifiers

Due to the popularity that purifiers have gained in such a short amount of time, the manufacturers are willing to continue with its fast rate production. 173 more words


Should You Install Purifier At Home?

People are somehow unable to make the decision as to whether they want such a thing installed in their houses. A vast majority is confused as they consider them to be the same as air conditioners. 170 more words


Why is it important to filter your water?

I know this blog is about air pollution but I think its just as important to learn about water filtration because all this is interrelated. Our body is made up off 50-65% of water so we should understand what exactly is entering our body and how filtration helps. 390 more words


Overlord's Robotic Legions - Demon

Olivia kept her eyes closed, concentrating on the whirring of the drone overhead through the walls of the lair. The old white concrete slabs had enough cracks in them near the ceiling for her to figure out its general location by sound alone. 2,962 more words

Stone Burners

Have You Wondered What You’re Breathing?

Indoor air quality is at the heart of nearly all of our customers. We strive to keep families comfortable and healthy by constantly improving what we breathe through increased indoor air quality. 451 more words


Choosing a Portable Air Purifier

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Depending on the type of allergy you are suffering from, a portable system may be sufficient for your needs and your wallet. 6 more words

Cinq conseils pour une cure détox de printemps


Profitez du printemps pour nettoyer votre organisme et boostez votre forme !

La cure détox de printemps, c’est quoi exactement ?

La cure détox de printemps sert à purifier le corps des toxines emmagasinées pendant l’hiver où nous avons mangé souvent  gras et sucré et pratiqué moins d’exercices physiques. 723 more words

In Harmony With Nature/ En Harmonie Avec La Nature/ En Armonía Con La Naturaleza.