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Pure H2O RODI Purifiers Remove Potentially Harmful Endocrine Disruptors from Tap Water

The Pure H2O Company’s Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation sub-sink home purifiers remove potentially harmful endocrine disruptors from tap water.

The European court of justice recently ruled that the European Commission has not been quick enough in identifying and banning the use of potentially harmful endocrine-disruptors found in water, food, and hundreds of everyday products including cosmetics, household cleaning products and plastic food and water containers. 468 more words


Clean Air for All Time with XiaoMi Air Purifier

Have you ever wondered where to buy an air purifier in Singapore to help you survive the haze? We have a recommendation for you.

XiaoMi Air Purifier has been recommended by CCTV, China’s official TV channel, when China was under very severe haze. 281 more words


Comforday Aromatherapy Essential Oil Purifier Diffuser Review

I have recently become interested in essential oils and I have to say that am offically obsessed! I was looking for another way to use them in addition to topical use, so when I was offered a discount on the… 332 more words


Product Launch: An Air Purifier to Combat Delhi's Pollution - Moonbow

An Exuberant Launch to a Noble Brand with a philanthropic vision – MOONBOW.

Technically speaking Moonbow is a lunar rainbow, it is primarily a natural phenomena and also a rare one that occurs when a bright moon (near to full), rain and dark sky all come together at one time. 492 more words

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Air Purifiers – Epic Environmental Health Appliance

The looming disasters that the world is going through are mostly due to global warming, it is evident that without proper precautions, the chances of these conditions rising to more extreme are likely. 228 more words


Salt Lamp

This salt crystal lamp is suitable for anyone who’s alive. There isn’t any reason to not love it. A cool lamp that is also a natural air purifier.But I bet they’ll probably love it because of the warm glow that help them forget all about the FA status (well, most of the time).

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