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Purim – Esther as Concubine and the Acolyte of Ishtar.

by Katherine Frisk

The celebration of Purim is a yearly ritual and is enacted and carried out in the Judaic tradition in the last days of winter before spring arrives. 1,131 more words

The International Reporter

Bris of Yair Simcha Haber

My remarks at the Bris Milah of my son, Yair Simcha – 5 Tammuz 5775

When my  first child was  born, I  did  not yet fully appreciate what it meant to have a child. 818 more words


Ancient Stories and Enactment

A previous post, One Thousand and One Nights, looked at how the classic Middle Eastern tale had much in common with the Biblical account of Esther and the origin of the Feast of Purim. 1,398 more words

The Art Of Narrative


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En la fiesta del Purim se lee la Meguilá “Rollo / Libro de Ester”. 89 more words

Still Life

The Banished Queen

Small children

playing house,

the biblical way.

Together we color

and don

the paper masks

of story-time


The majority

of the females in the class… 191 more words



Boy.  So much has happened since January.  I’ve nearly completed apparently all of my rabbi’s conversion course curriculum (already?!) — we are just finishing kashrut now and we’ll be moving on to Shabbat shortly, probably, which is bringing with it its own set of challenges and problems…not least of which is that I only just got another job about a month ago, and it’s only a contract job (at least it’s still here in town), and my contract is up in August, so I’m — still — reluctant to move closer to the shul… 253 more words