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PURIM - Four Oil Spills / Burns

PURIM Fast Days – FOUR Oil Tragedies

Plus Deeper Horizon Second Drill Set that explodes, IsraEL Independence Day!

 1989    *    2001    *    2005

March 24, 1989… 1,121 more words


Halliburton Oil Tornado


CEO David Lesar

Do you want to live in Dubai?  David Lesar does.

Halliburton offices are in Houston and Dubai.

In the name of Yahweh….. 1,408 more words


Devotional # 86. Esther 9:1 – 10:3

Devotional # 86. 5/12/14. Esther 9:1 – 10:3.

Intro: As we finish the book of Esther in this Devotional it is important to remember what has happened previously in the book. 1,216 more words

Devotional # 81. Esther 4:1-17

Devotional # 81. 4/7/14. Esther 4:1-17.

Introduction. We’ve been going through the story of Esther the last few weeks. Last week we were introduced to the villain of the story: Haman. 755 more words

Shannon's Creative Photo Challenge: Costumes

Growing up we never bought costumes, they were always home made, using fabric or whatever was in the house that could take form as a costume, with maybe buying an accessory that was needed to complete it. 126 more words

Shannon's Creative Photo Challenge

October 13 - Breaking the Law

Revelation 13; Esther 3-4; Psalm 106:1-23

The law was so rigid. If you approach the king without being summoned, the sentence was death. The king had one opportunity to extend mercy, but how often did kings do that. 321 more words

Devotional Thoughts

"Your Silence Will Not Protect You" - A Sermon on Esther for October 11, 2015

I’m often asked why there are so few women in the Bible. Sure, there are some. There’s Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. There’s Eve, of Adam and Eve, and Martha who cleaned the kitchen while others surrounded Jesus. 1,749 more words