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The book of Esther is a microcosm of a common theme in the Old Testament: something evil done by others is instead just when done by the Israelites. 887 more words


What the small print giveth the Lord reserves the right to taketh away.

This recent flurry of blogging was spurred by my anger at an incident where cruelly captioned photos of a Sikh man were passed around on Snap-o-gram (whatever) because he is “other”. 1,983 more words


Purim at the Circus.

Purim is a cherished holiday for me. It is a time when I reminisce about my childhood days of sitting with my father and watching him create the most incredible Purim costumes ever. 95 more words

17-9-2017 - O Último Grande Dia

Mensagem de Sábado

O Último Grande Dia é a última Festa do Outono de Deus. Ele é celebrado por 1 dia e começa logo após o final da Festa de Tabernáculos. 119 more words

Calendário De Deus

Rebbitzen Chana Painting

When Miriam Shaw attended Machon Chana in 1986, she was asked if she would help decorate the dorm for their Purim party, and she chose to do a painting of the Rebbe shlita’s mother, Rebbitzen Chana. 113 more words

“Mordecai, what a mensch, What a good guy.”

Mordecai was Queen Esther’s cousin who raised her when she was orphaned. He saved King Ahasueras’s life and urged Esther to alert the King to Haman’s plot.

“Haman, BOO! Haman, BOO!”

Haman was King Ahasuerus’s right hand; a wicked villain who plotted to kill Mordecai and the Jewish people. During the reading of the… 51 more words