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365 Esther

Dear 365 Readers,

This week we will spend Wednesday – Friday reading the book of Esther, a quick-paced story about a Jewish queen in Persia that may be familiar to many of you. 181 more words

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Purim Review: Noah and the Ark

I know I only recently posted about Passover, but I’m obviously pretty behind the times for this blog. That said, Noah and I had pretty (in-my-humble-opinion) GREAT Purim costumes this year, so I didn’t want the opportunity to show a few pics of them to pass. 370 more words


Comment for Sixth Sunday of Easter 2016

This Sunday we welcomed Br Luke back from his ANZAC Day Cruise upon which he had provided chaplaincy to the Catholics and with Br Simeon still in South Africa and Br Andrew at his Woodturner’s Guild BBQ it was down to Luke to Preside and Preach. 778 more words


Religion's Remarkable Memetic Conservation

As a means of memetic conservation, religions are amazing.

The Catholics still release all of their official documents in Latin, a language that disappeared in its natural habitat about 1,500 years ago (and conducted all of their rituals around the world in Latin until 1964). 1,282 more words


Policing Purim: Community Engagement

PC Alice Perry is the latest member of the 2015 cohort to the Police Now blog. On the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover, Alice talks about her experiences policing in Hackney during the holiday of Purim in March.  505 more words

When Purim Can Get Embarrassing

This is another post from Esther, who taught in her own alma mater after seminary.

When I taught eighth grade English, my two little sisters were in fourth grade and second grade. 410 more words


SCD Hamentashen

Here are our grainless Chocolate Hamentashens! The homemade crust is made with pure almond flour and coconut oil, and the filling is made out of delicious all natural dates, 100% cocoa, and avocado!  11 more words