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Israel and the Westbank in March

I was practicing my Hebrew phrases even before boarding the flight bound for Tel Aviv from Brussels International.
That settled down as I was sat on the plane with an extremely hot trendy single traveller, I quickly decided this guy wouldn’t be much of a talker, what with his hair, tan and what looked like a genuinely expensive wrist watch so I tried to get some shut eye. 5,432 more words


Mrs. Bistritzky's Mishloach Manos to the Rebbe

מרת איטא ע”ה ביסטריצקי (שנפטרה בשבוע זו) אופה עוגה כל שנה בצורה של אחד מהמבצעים או הוראות של השנה והם היו נותנים את זה למשלוח מנות ל’בית הרב’.


Celebrating and Mourning in Israel

For the first time in my life, I was in a place where I could celebrate nearly every national holiday. And for that, the timing of my visit to couldn’t have been better. 1,579 more words


PURIM - Four Oil Spills / Burns

PURIM Fast Days – FOUR Oil Tragedies

Plus Deeper Horizon Second Drill Set that explodes, IsraEL Independence Day!

 1989    *    2001    *    2005

March 24, 1989… 1,121 more words


Seven Easter Tornadoes



It’s time to write about Tornadoes! Adonai has shown me new things in the last few days. 1,505 more words

Month Adar

The Camel’s Nose…Negotiations, Sanctions and the undoing of 1979

Mark Glenn, 2015


As difficult as it is to imagine, and as seemingly impossible a phenomenon as it appears on its face, nevertheless there is indeed some method to the madness of the madman, Benjamin Netanyahu… 3,422 more words


Please join me to Count the Omer and God’s earthquakes to praise Him daily!

Psalm 67:1-7

Counting The Omer 2015 * 4.5+ Earthquakes

March 1        10 Adar        18   4.5+ quakes… 1,381 more words